Frequently Asked Questions Concerning CCTV & Security Cameras

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Most Common Questions

Question:   What does CCTV stand for?

Answer:   CCTV stands for closed circuit television.

Question:   What is the difference between CCD image sensor vs. a C-MOS chip set?

Answer:   CCD image sensor has better picture than a C-MOS image sensor.

News Flash:    C-MOS chip sets make for cheaper cameras; we carry them. Not everyone needs hi resolution!

Question:   My camera does not show a picture, no what do I do?

Answer:   Make sure you have the correct power supply. Some cameras require a certain amperage in order for them to turn on.

Question:   What is a DVR?

Answer:   DVR is a digital video recorder. A device used to manipulate and store video for later viewing.

Question:   I have a DVR and I want to view my cameras on my cellphone. How do I do that?

Answer:   What you need is a static IP address. You can check out

News Flash:    After assigning your DVR your IP address, you can just ping the number (292.345.2.1) and log into your software.

Question:   How do I prepare 18/2 coaxial cable? How do you interface the cameras to it?

Answer:   You need a 2.1mm pigtail adapter to connect to power. The cable comes with a red and positive ends, and
                   you have to crimp them down to the 18x2 wires and plug the power cord into the camera.

Question:   What is a baud rate?

Answer:   A baud rate is a setting on a PTZ security camera to allow the camera to talk to the DVR.
                   All of our cameras are set to the Pelco D protocol. If you need this you can find it in our tech support section.