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The Basics

Beginner's Guide
Determining how many cameras you need
Floorplan Samples

Legal Questions

Rules, Regulations, and Benefits: Why do people who _______ get security cameras systems?
History of USA Manufacturing: Contract requires that cameras be made in the USA
Security Camera Compliance with the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)
Legal Rights and Responsibilities when Recording Audio
PCI Compliance and Security Cameras: Clearing Up the Confusion
HIPAA Compliance and Security Cameras: Clearing Up the Confusion
State Cannabis Regulations about Security Camera Systems
Investigating the "Only 24/7 Surveillance Footage is Usable in Court; Motion Recording Can't Be" Claim

Government Programs & Policies

Public-Private Partnerships in Security: Government Incentive Programs for Security Cameras and Alarms

Support Questions

SCW Support FAQ

Camera Questions

Camera Resolution Questions

Comparison 4MP and 4K
What camera do I need to identify a face at ________ distance?
No 2K is not 2x 1080P
1080P Lite is not 1080P

Camera Spec and Feature Questions

What's Better: Optical Zoom or Digital Zoom?
What they don't tell you about "License Plate Cameras"
Buying Guide and Best Practices: Improving Surveillance Footage at Night
Seeing in shadows: Understanding WDR and dB
The 4 Types of Zoom in Security Cameras
Why our cameras look better: Processing Power and Compression: Not All 1080P Cameras are Created Equal
IP Camera Bitrate Calculator
Audio and Alarm Inputs FAQ and Sample Wiring Guide
"Color Night Vision"™ is a Trademark not a Technology
True HDR vs Digital WDR vs True WDR
Spectrum Vision True WDR" substitutes a snappy term for actual info about the specs
Why You Can't Find a Security Camera with a HDMI Connection: Understanding Encoding and Decoding in Video Compression
Fixed vs Varifocal Lenses

Wireless Questions

Can I use a Webcam-style WIFI Camera (like Foscam, Dropcam, Linksys, or Belkin) with one of your DVRs?
Wifi Security Cameras: Pros and Cons
Wire-Free, Battery Powered Security Cameras : Pros and Cons
What is cloud based video surveillance?
Wire-Free Cameras have very low Processing Power and Compression: Not All 1080P Cameras are Created Equal

NVR Questions

NVR Networking

NVR Setup Guide: Default Passwords and Port Info
What you can do if you can't open ports

Storage Questions

In Camera Micro SD Card Storage, Great Feature but Not a Replacement for a NVR
Hard Drive Calculator
Redundant Recording - Store Your Surveillance System's Recordings in a Second Location Automatically

Admiral Line VCA

Motion Detection
Admiral Line VCA Features Overview
Crossing over a line (aka tripwire)
Entering or Lingering an area
in an area
Covering, damaging, disconnecting, vandalising, or moving the camera lens
Face Detection: When a Face is in an Area
How to Search your video footage for These Events
People Counting: Run Reports on the number of people, vehicles, or objects that enter and leaving through an area
Snapshot: FTP and Emails on motion or event

Other NVR Questions

The only difference between a POE NVR and a "HD Video Appliance" is price
No, NVRs are not "A Single Point of Failure"
No, NVRs are not "Outdated"
No, Gartner, Forester, and Symantec did not say that NVRs are the TOP Security Risk
Why a NVR's Bitrate is its Most Important Spec

Cyber Security and Tech

Best Practices for Preventing IOT Hacks
Why don't any security cameras have Chrome or Firefox support?
ONVIF Compliance in Plain English
RTSP Streams: Real Time Streaming Protocol Directions for (nearly) Every Manufacturer

SCW Shield Alarms

Z-Wave Home Automation Ideas and Functionality
When would I use motion sensors, glass break sensors, vs. windows open sensors?
Apps, pin pads, and keyfobs: How do I disarm my SCW Shield Alarm?
Where should I put carbon monoxide and smoke detectors?
SCW Shield Monitoring Plan Options
Log In Here to Change Your Monitoring Plan

Analog Questions

Analog Cameras

Should I use a Dome or Bullet Camera?
What is a 1000 TV-Line Camera? The latest way, in the surveillance industry, to get you to throw your money away
What are Ultra High Definition Security Cameras? HD Over Analog: Why We Don't Carry HD-SDI or CVI, but Do Carry IP and TVI


Why can't I find a PC Based DVR anymore?
Should I use a CIF or D1 DVR?
420 TVL, 480 TVL, 600 TVL, 700 TVL - What is a TV-Line and What resolution do I need?
HD Over Analog: Why We Don't Carry HD-SDI or CVI, but Do Carry IP and TVI

CCTV Support Guides

How do I daisy chain Analog PTZ cameras?
When do you use power supply adapters vs a power box?
What's the difference between PTZ and Mini Speed Dome Cameras?
What are those horizontal lines that wiggle on a CCTV camera?

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Exposing the Surveillance Industry Shortchange
Technical Support Documents
Decoding: A Video Surveillance Software and Hardware Series
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Intro to DVRs

IP rating
IP66 cameras
IP67 cameras

IP68 cameras

Discussion of Terms

Starlight Dome Camera
Image Pick Up Device
Real Time Recording
S/N Ratio
Starlight Security Camera
Vandal Proof Dome Camera

Guides for Common CCTV Applications

Business CCTV Systems
College and University CCTV Systems
Commercial CCTV Systems
Government CCTV Systems
Home CCTV Systems
Hunting Cameras
Industrial CCTV Systems
Infrared Wildlife Camera
Military CCTV Systems
Warehouse Security Cameras
Wildlife Infrared Camera