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Cutting-Edge Cameras + AI-Powered Analytics + Access Control System = Unbeatable security

AI-Powered Analytics Are Driving The Future Of Security

Gone is the need for outdated software. Gone is the need for an NVR. You can stop staring at an array of cameras on screen. Even the need for a web browser is eliminated when you combine SCW's AI-powered analytics with your existing security cameras.

Our cloud-managed platform utilizes one user interface. It adds AI (Artificial Intelligence) on all of your cameras, instantly. It works out of the box with nearly every security camera on the marke.


AI Detection & Real Time Alerts

Artificial Intelligence detecting threats and reporting them in less than a second. Immediate alerts by either text message, email, or automatic phone call. Real-time notification to first responders eliminates delays and changes outcomes

Enterprise capable

Multiple locations can be combined (across town, across country, worldwide), and all be viewed simultaneously. One login and a single dashboard for all your cameras

No need to buy all new cameras

No new cameras to buy if you already have a security camera system. Survail works out of the box with nearly every camera on the market.

Safegaurd Data

Your data safeguarded like never before with ultimate cybersecurity entirely free of the Internet; cameras protected from potential malware

AI Detection & Real Time Alerts

Considerably less aggravation and expenditure since smart AI-Analytics proactively eliminate worthless events and drastically reduce email alerts. No more endless hours searching video footage; easily discoverable events.

Search For Anything

Filter by person, vehicle, camera, date, or time. Actionable insight in real-time.

Why Self-Storage Facilities

Choose SCW

Self-storage security is complex--sheer size, the constant interaction of people and vehicles in movement, large trucks and narrow traffic aisles, customers arriving and exiting at the gate around the clock. SCW provides centralized control of those many parts. Benefits are measurable in dollars saved.

For Your IT Team

  • SCW Access Control is a simple retrofit installation that is easily programmable and maintenance-free. SCW cameras are a single cable plug-and-play item.
  • Our AI-powered analytics software works straight out of the box with virtually any camera make on the market.
  • Add all your current cameras to the box. When it arrives, you plug it in and it’s set up.
  • Every camera on one platform and a single dashboard makes security infinitely simpler.
  • And the ready availability of our on-call technical experts means total support for the life of your new system.
Why Choose 1

For Your Security Guard

  • Every camera in your system--without limit--is being analyzed by to identify what matters to you most.
  • The AI-Powered Analytics distinguish individuals and vehicles in an evolving, learning process that daily gains speed
  • In one-quarter of a second, recognize a potential threat incident and notify pre-selected personnel and first responders by text message, email alert, or automatic phone call.
  • All notifications are in real-time. No more valuable minutes are lost. Immediate alerts save lives and property.
  • Every camera can filter by person, vehicle, camera, date, or time, which means no more endless searching for pertinent footage.
Why Choose 2

For Owners

  • SCW offers the benefits you want--a system that keeps your self-storage facility secure without further involvement on your part.
  • Your time is occupied with too many matters as it is. Security should be a one-and-done task. We make that a reality.
  • SCW’s professional-grade equipment is rugged and performance-driven. Our sophisticated technology is both simple to install and maintain.
  • Each component comes with the best warranty in the industry and is backed by the support of our US-based technical staff for the lifetime of your security system.
  • Worry-free performance and the strength of AI-Powered Analytics makes SCW the logical choice for your business benefit
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Your self-storage operation is vital. SCW can protect it with money-saving time and benefits. And you will love our US-based technical support. It comes FREE. Forever. Our promise of world-class customer service and technical support is central to providing you with the best security available, anywhere.

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