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Our IP Dome Cameras shoot in HD at 1080p (2MP), 4MP (about 2x 1080P), 4K, or 12MP.

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Some models have advanced features like Active Deterrence Audio Capabilities or Motorized Zoom

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Dome Cameras: Low Profile, High Functioning

An IP Dome Camera (Internet Protocol Dome Camera), is a digital video camera that operates via an IP network. IP cameras are digital and connect via Cat5 (Networking) Cable. SCW’s IP Dome Cameras can shoot in high definition (HD) at 1080p (2 Megapixels), 4MP, 4K (8MP), or 12MP.

Why Choose an IP Dome Camera?

Broad Surveillance Coverage

Named for their dome-shaped structure, IP dome cameras are designed for indoor and outdoor use, as well as low-light and no-light settings. Indoor ceilings, porch ceilings, and roof overhangs are the usual areas of installation where wide-range and panoramic surveillance is desired. It is the massive coverage area potential that makes dome cameras popular. Public areas where people congregate are ideal settings for the broad surveillance that dome cameras provide. Many models include functions of a PTZ camera (pan, tilt, and zoom). Therefore some dome cameras are able to rotate vertically and horizontally, and multitask in exceptional surveillance manner.

Visual Appeal

The simplicity of design and its low profile makes the dome camera an excellent choice for applications where discretion is a priority. Their minimalism makes them less intrusive than many other security camera systems, blending in with their surroundings.
SCW’s standard, white camera housing lends itself to predominantly white interior ceilings while also making unobtrusive placement above exterior building entrances.

Less Susceptible to Vandalism

Not as conspicuous as bullet cameras, dome cameras are less susceptible to vandalism. Our SCW line features vandal-proof glass, with some models being rated IK 10, the highest possible rating for physical damage protection.
Our IP dome cameras have a protective glass covering for the interior camera, unlike bullet cameras that can be easily altered by intruders to point the field of focus in a different direction.

How Does an IP Dome Camera Work?

Cameras as Individual Network Devices

IP Dome Cameras are network cameras that are dome-like in shape. They are network devices (they have their own network addresses that you can visit) that create digital HD (high definition) video directly on the camera then stream that video back to an NVR (Network Video Recorder), web browser, or smart phone.

Our dome cameras come with a PoE (Power over Ethernet) injector to power the camera for both recording purposes and its entire range of mechanical movement. No additional power cords are required. This greatly reduces installation time and by-passes the need for a professional electrician to run power cables. This simple, single-cable installation between cameras and the NVR we refer to as, “plug-and-play-ready.”

Professional Quality IP Cameras Are All We Offer

At SCW, our dome cameras are IP (Internet Protocol), meaning that they offer several advantages over the outdated analog cameras still on the market. We frequently receive excited responses from our 4,000 Five-Star reviews, amazed at the crisp imagery captured by our cameras. Our line of IP Dome Cameras shoot in high definition (HD), and are available at varying degrees of resolution depending upon the requirements of specific applications.

Choosing the Right IP Dome Camera

Resolution and Lens Coverage

The right tool for the task is the goal when choosing the dome camera best-suited to your application. That choice comes down to two primary concerns--resolution and lens coverage. In other words, how far do you need to detect, recognize, and identify individuals, and what degree of area do you wish to secure?

Our IP Dome Cameras shoot in high definition (HD), at 1080p (Two Megapixels), 4MP, 4K (8MP), or 12MP. Those numbers are the camera’s resolution with 1080p being the lowest resolution and 12MP the highest. The individual specifications listed for each of our dome cameras will enumerate at what distances subjects can be readily detected, recognized, or identified.

An additional factor of resolution is the camera lens type. Is it a fixed lens? Or a motorized varifocal, allowing it to zoom in on a targeted area? The second major factor--lens coverage--is measured in degrees and is also listed with the specifications for each camera. SCW’s IP Dome Cameras have lens coverages ranging from 81⁰ all the way up to a full 360⁰.

Beyond the Basics

When choosing your SCW IP Dome Camera expect to find a variety of options ranging from IR capability (infrared), digital wide-dynamic range, built-in microphone, speaker, two-way talk support, alarm inputs and outputs, and more.

Because dome cameras hang from ceilings and under roof soffits, they are afforded a degree of protection from the elements. Additionally, SCW’s IP Dome Cameras are rated IP67 for full protection from dust, rain, snow, dew, frost, and sprinklers. They can even be submerged for a few minutes.

In temperatures from as low as -40⁰F to as high as 140⁰F, our dome cameras will function fully. Our white-only exterior camera housings are specifically chosen to dissipate intense summer heat which can cause failures in competitor’s cameras.

We’ll Match the Right Dome Camera With You

SCW has the commercial-grade dome camera to meet all your security system needs. And with our expert design team, we’ll find the exact camera for you without any up-selling. Top that off with our free, lifetime, US-based tech support, and you’ll soon discover why SCW is America’s most trusted security camera provider.
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