Professional Camera Monitoring: Remote Guarding

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Remote Guarding

Don’t just record crime - prevent it!

Remote Guarding is the next advancement in video surveillance to help prevent and react to crime as it happens, in real time. This allows your camera system to not just passively record, but react, and even alert criminals that the police are being dispatched!

After Hours Monitoring

Benefits of Remote Guarding

Secure Outdoor Assets

The vehicles in a dealership's parking lot are the vast majority of their assets and must be secure from theft and vandalism. This often requires wide angle cameras and wireless backhauls.

Watch your Perimeter

Long range cameras enable you to detect unwanted or unknown individuals before they cause an incident, as well as reduce theft and vandalism. more info

Keep your organization safe and secure

Monitor everything from a single camera to dozens across as many locations needed.

Monitor While You're Away

Professional Camera Monitoring is intended for customers who use this service after hours, when they are closed.

Professional Threat Analysis

The operator gets an alert and will watch the scene. Then will use threat analysis to determine if there’s a need to escalate.

Respond quickly and effectively to potential emergencies.

Depending on your organizations unique needs, you can configure custom alerts to notify certain staff, police, specify the order and much more

Cost Structure

Pricing for Remote Guarding

Any of SCW’s Admiral based NVRs can be setup with remote guarding. Remote guarding costs $120 per month, per camera. If you break that down, that’s just $4 a day or .33c per hour!

For larger systems over 32 cameras, you may qualify for custom pricing.

How it Works

What is Remote Guarding?

You set a continuous time period of up to 12 hours. So for example, 7pm to 7am.

During this time frame, a professional monitoring station will monitor your cameras for alerts, and a real human will assess the threat and monitor the scene.

If there’s a threat, they can respond by calling police, calling you or even on premise guards. The response is customizable to fit your unique needs.

One of the best features of remote guarding is the ability to actively tell potential criminals they are being watched. Using one of our professional speakers they can even call out to the potential criminal, using descriptions like “Hey, you in the blue shirt, stop what you’re doing right now, police are on the way!” This kind of active, descriptive alert can be very effective at preventing a break in, catalytic converter theft, and more.

Our remote guards can even control PTZs to get better looks at the scene!

There's a big difference in services!

Remote Guarding vs Video Verification

Remote guarding, uses video and human logic to watch and respond to alerts, like people being around your facility after hours. This makes them great for parking lots, exteriors, etc.

Video verification also uses video and human logic, but only after an alarm system is triggered. Video verification is great at preventing false alarm fines from your city, but it is not designed to monitor and guard exterior areas like parking lots.

Video verification is typically much less per month, because it only responds when an alarm is triggered - meaning responses are generally very infrequent. Since remote guarding is watching people and vehicles in your exterior, they are watching video much more frequently.

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You've Got Questions, We have Answers

Remote Guarding FAQs

Q: Who monitors the cameras?

A: SCW partners with US based monitoring stations.

Q: Are my cameras being watched at all times?

A: Cameras are watched only when an actual alert is triggered, such a person or vehicle.

Q: What cameras are supported?

A: While all of SCW’s Admiral line cameras are supported, we highly recommend the models with objection detection (Person/Vehicle) available on most of our 8MP or speciality cameras.

Q: Who gets called?

A: The response to a potential threat is completely customizable. You can choose for the remote guard to contact you, the police, local on premise guards, or anyone!

Q: What if I need 24/7 remote guarding?

A: Reach out and talk to an SCW security expert!

Q: Is there any contract?

A: There is no contract with remote guarding, you can cancel anytime!

Q: Are there any network requirements?

A: Yes - systems must be connected to the internet and SCW recommends a 5Mbps upload speed per camera.