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Panoramic Security Cameras are surveillance cameras that can see 360 degrees at once.

They have Fisheye, Panoramic, and ePTZ viewing options.

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360° Panoramic Cameras: When you have to see everywhere

An IP Panoramic Camera (Internet Protocol Bullet Camera), is a digital video camera that operates via an IP network. IP cameras are digital and connect via Cat5 (Networking) Cable. SCW’s IP Panoramic Camera shoots in high definition (HD) at 5 or 12MP (Megapixels).

Why Choose an IP Panoramic Camera?

When You Need To See It All

IP Panoramic Security Cameras are surveillance cameras that can see 360⁰ at once. The Radius 12.0 Fisheye Dome Camera from SCW is often used in office environments where it is installed in the middle of the room to look into several cubicles at once.

Image Variety

The Radius can record at 12MP. Because it is a 360⁰ camera, it records a circular image. This image is usually then dewarped into panorama views or ePTZ (digital pan tilt zoom) views. Each panoramic or ePTZ view can be recorded independently of the fisheye circular view. Images can be viewed as one full-resolution fisheye, one fisheye and four ePTZs, or one fisheye and one panorama.

Built Tough: Commercial-Grade Line

Constructed from aluminum and ceramic molding, the commercial-grade housing on this camera won’t crumble and decay like the plastic competition.

Behind the anti-reflective glass are automotive-grade LEDs--commercial-quality components that allow better light transmission and will last without dimming or fading over time.

This rugged SCW camera withstands vibration tests and surges up to 6,000 volts. All that exterior hardware to house an interior with an Easy 1-Click Firmware Update Process, the ability to store 40% more data with H.265 video compression, and no recording delays even when recording on motion.

The unmistakable bullet shape makes these cameras prominent in any setting. That attribute provides an incalculable deterrent to would-be thieves, more inclined to prey on homes and businesses lacking an obvious security system. SCW’s all-white line of bullet cameras is sure to be seen by potential intruders.

How Does an IP Panoramic Camera Work?

Cameras as Individual Network Devices

IP Panoramic Cameras are individual network devices (they have their own network addresses that you can visit) that create digital HD (high definition) video directly on the camera then stream that video back to an NVR (Network Video Recorder), web browser, or smartphone.

Power over Ethernet

Our SCW Radius 12.0 Fisheye Dome Camera is a PoE camera with a single cable. No additional power cords are required. This greatly reduces installation time and bypasses the need for a professional electrician to run power cables. This simple, single-cable installation between cameras and the NVR we refer to as, “plug-and-play-ready.”

Alerts and Notifications:
Motion Detection, Alerts, and VCA (Video Content Analysis)

Get email alerts with snapshot images of motion detection alerts or VCA events; set a schedule to get emails only on the hours of the day you want; get Push Notifications to the SCW Go Application for Android and iPhone.

Cameras as Individual Network Devices Recording:

Create your own customizable record schedule, including recording based on the day of the week, hours of the day, or even choose not to record for periods of time; set constant recording during business hours and only motion during closed hours; motion, VCA, or 24/7 recording; sixty-second pre-event buffer to grab footage prior to the detection; set the system to record up to ten minutes after an incident is detected.

Customizable Motion Detection Recording through VCA events:

Intrusion detection; line crossing; audio detection; vandal detection.

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