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3840 x 2160. 4x the resolution of 1080P.

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When ultimate image detail and clarity are the goals, 4K IP Cameras from SCW are the solution. Imagine four times more pixels than typical 1080p cameras can produce!

4k Resolution

4K Development History: 4K and Low Light

Historically, 4K cameras have not always been recommended for surveillance. An image sensor with 2 million pixels has 2 million separate receivers that absorb light. While the same size sensor at 4K has 8 million separate receivers trying to absorb the same light. Functionally, this means that the greater number of pixels that you are trying to absorb, the more the light gets divided up (and thus reduced).

SCW’s 4K IP Security Cameras come equipped with the sophistication of an oversized 8-megapixel sensor--12% larger than the industry standard of other 4K cameras. This means that we have superior low-light performance. You’ll be able to take color photos long after darkness has rendered the competition inoperable--down to less than the light of a full moon.

“Lux” is the measurement of light in an atmosphere. Twilight is about 3.4 lux. A full moon is somewhere between 0.05 and 0.36 lux, depending on cloud cover. A moonless night is somewhere around 0.001 to 0.002 depending on cloud cover. Adding lighting like floodlights, night lights, or streetlights will increase lux in your area. Lux is a complicated topic, please read our knowledge base article on why you shouldn't choose a camera based on the lux rating, but rather image sensor size.

In daylight, our 4K IP Cameras also shine! Producing significantly more detail at any distance, our 4K IP Cameras excel when you need surveillance beyond 50 feet. 4K is the only resolution able to provide clarity to details like faces and license plates at that range and far beyond. Nor is video quality sacrificed with wider views. You’ll appreciate greater coverage with uncompromised detail at a distance.

What is 4K?

4K is defined as a 3840 × 2160 resolution video, with quadruple the number of pixels (detail) compared to full 1080p HD video. In video surveillance, 4K gives you more ability to see details such as faces at a farther distance compared to the same image using a 1080p camera.

Quadruple the Definition of 1080p

4K vs 1080P vs 4MP: 25FT comparison

In this comparison between our Warrior IP Camera models, we see that at 20 feet and 25 feet all three models perform admirably. The license plate is legible on all three. However, only on the 4K IP Camera is minor text around the numbers legible, despite the camera being five feet farther away.

The individual’s face is within the identification range of all three models, but there is significantly more detail in the 4K IP Camera image.

The Warrior IP Camera is our most popular line. Its 92-degree lens combined with 4K resolution is a great balance between covering a large area and identifying faces and license plates. Although you can use this camera inside or out, the most common use of the Warrior models (the camera comes in 2MP, 4MP, or 8MP) is to cover the side of buildings or large sections of yards.

1080 vs 4mp vs 4k 25 foot distance

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4K vs 1080P vs 4MP: 50FT comparison

At 50FT we really begin to see the power of 4K imaging. The 4K image still has complete face identification and license plate legibility, despite having harsher lighting conditions. At 1080p the license plate is no longer legible and the face is now now longer in identification zone. The 4MP resolution holds up better with the plate being on the edge of being legible and the face still presenting some detail.

4K vs 1080P vs 4MP: 75FT comparison

At 75 feet the 4K IP Camera image is the only option. At 4K the face is still in the identification zone and the license plate is still legible. The 4MP image has no chance at any license plate identification. Individual license plate characters are not legible. The 1080p image has reverted to the detect zone, where a person is evident, but identification is unlikely.

Bottom Line

4K IP Cameras are going to produce significantly more detail at any distance. For images around or beyond 50 feet, it’s the only resolution that has the capability of getting smaller details like faces and license plate characters.

As a bonus, due to the larger sensor within the Warrior 8.0, our 4K IP Camera model also offers a wider view (almost 15% wider compared to 4MP) while still providing more detail at distance.

Reminder: 4K is 4 times the resolution of 1080P and uses 4x the NVR's processing power (bitrate) of 1080P when recording. To record these 4K Cameras, you will need a 4K NVR. All Admiral and Imperial line NVRs support full 4K recording.

Understanding the image quality difference between 4MP and 4K.

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