16 Channel NVR - 1080p to 4K; Stunningly Easy to Setup

Technical skills not necessary. Just plug the camera into the NVR and you're done. The NVR will power, record, and configure the camera for you.

Our Admiral line also has SCW EasyConnect2.0, which allows you to plug in an SCW IP Camera up to 750 feet away! (The industry norm is ~300 feet).

Since The Admiral 16 Channel 4K NVR - ADM16P16 and The Admiral Pro 16 Channel 4K NVR - ADMP16P16 are very similar products, here's a quick guide on how they differ.

The Admiral Standard 16 v2 Channel

2 hard drive bays
Half the alarm inputs
1U Case (a U is the standard rack mount height of 1.75 inches)
Can only be rack-mounted by purchasing separate rack mount ears

The Admiral Pro 16 v2 Channel

4 hard-drive bays
Twice the alarm inputs
2U Case outputs
Comes with rack mount hardware.

People who choose the 16 Channel Admiral Pro typically do so for the extra hard-drive storage space.

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