Shield Alarm Monitoring

Better Data = Better Monitoring

Unlike a traditional alarm, Shield passes better, more complete data on to the professional monitoring central station, contacting the right authority (police, ambulance, fire department) based on the sensor reading.

By knowing what emergency service to send and why they should be sent, Shield helps ensure that your needs are taken more seriously by your local emergency services.

SCW Shield Pay-As-You-Go Monitoring

App (Self Monitoring*)


Shield Smart Pro Monitoring + App Monitoring

$29.99 $24.99

Includes 24/7 professional monitoring
Enables use of the optional Verizon Wireless 4G communication backup
Enables use of the optional Z-Wave Expansion Card

Why choose Shield Smart Pro Monitoring?

Protect your business from a single point of failure - Don’t be the bottleneck to your business’ safety.

Professional monitoring arms your home or business with trained security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your alerts still come right to your phone as they do with Basic (Self Monitoring*), but with Smart, Professional Monitoring, a trained security professional is watching those alerts even when you’re not able to.

This frees you from worry, especially in instances like:

When you’re on vacation

In a business meeting

Your cell phone battery is dead

You don't have cell service

You're sleeping

You're at the movies

You're just not watching your phone

You're in a situation when you or yours wants to use the panic (distress) signal functionality and have someone send the authorities

Smart Sensors & Smart Monitoring

Shield Smart Monitoring Sends the Right Help at The Right Time

Police Department:

Motion or Intrusion Sensors
Panic Button on Key Fob or Pin Pad


Safecare Button

Fire Department:

Carbon Monoxide Sensors
Heat/Fire/Smoke Sensors

Just You:

Flood/Leak Sensors
Cold/Freeze Sensors


With SCW Shield Pay-As-You-Go Monitoring, there are no contracts and no commitments. Change your plan as often as you want.

SCW Shield Pay-As-You-Go alarm subscriptions bill monthly. SCW Shield Prepaid Plans bill yearly or every few years (depending on the length of the plan). A plan is required for SCW Shield to send alerts.