3-in-1 Smoke, Fire, and Temperature Sensor for SCW Shield - 74SFT

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Three-in-One Smoke Sensor for SCW Shield

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Environmental Sensors require Smart Monitoring.


Smoke (Photoelectric)


Abrupt Temperature Increases

One of the only Fire Sensors that can be used in the kitchen!

Where should I put carbon monoxide and smoke detectors?


Integrated Siren

Contacts the Central Monitoring Station Immediately and Sends Fire Rescue.

Does not send an alert or wait for your response, as smoke or fire can make people non-responsive.


Averages 10 years

5 year warranty

Don't let burning toast spoil your day! Our 3-in-1 sensor allows you to turn off the smoke function and just use the Heat and Rate-of-Rise Temperature feature, so that cooking mishaps doesn't set off your siren and send the fire department!”