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Installation Services Offered

While our main goal is your security, we also want to make sure your workplace is fully integrated and operates efficiently. Below is a list of our comprehensive services:

IP Camera Network Installations

Installation of IP camera systems - Everything from running the cables, installing the cameras, and maintaining the system with a service plan.

Access Control Installation

Installation of cloud-based access control system.

Low Voltage/Structured Cabling

End-to-end communications and low voltage device cabling. Cabling termination, data closet organization, verification testing. Single data drops, dual data drops, access control drops, interlocking doors, etc. BICSI certified.

Ongoing Services Offered

Remote Guarding

Remote Guarding is the next advancement in video surveillance to help prevent and react to crime as it happens, in real time. This allows your camera system to not just passively record, but react, and even alert criminals that the police are being dispatched!

Alarm Monitoring

Unlike a traditional alarm, Shield passes better, more complete data on to the professional monitoring central station, contacting the right authority (police, ambulance, fire department) based on the sensor reading.

Service Contracts

Protect your initial investment and gain peace of mind that your system is working as intended with a Service Plan from SCW. A service plan with SCW enables us to proactively monitor and maintain your system, minimizing downtime and reducing the impact of any issues. Common causes for system downtime include changes to your network and temporary power outages, which can cause cameras to go offline - potentially costing you critical footage if too much time passes before you notice the cameras are not functioning properly.


We’ll deliver your systems & get them up and running.


We’ll configure your systems and train you on how to use them.


Extend your plan to include service contract anytime.


Unlike most installers, support is included. Get answers to your questions with free technical support for life.


Get peace of mind knowing that we're watching your interests with our remote guarding, alarm monitoring, and maintenance plans.

Friendly, Professional Services

As the business world grows, so do the threats that target it. Efficient and powerful security systems have become vital to ensure the safety of data and employees alike. Organizations need sophisticated monitoring and intrusion detection capabilities for their offices, as well as digital access control to safeguard their operations. With evolving times and the need for swift operations, many businesses now want their security systems professionally installed. At SCW, our flexible approach caters to both groups. Here’s what we offer:

Video Surveillance

SCW has more than ten years of experience in designing, installing, servicing, and monitoring. We’ll configure a system to fit your specific needs, regardless of complexity.

The necessity of business surveillance systems these days cannot be argued. From providing security in your business’s daily operations to reducing workplace crimes, they play a central role. We realize this and are confident in our ability to help you.

You can enlist our services for security-optimized custom floor plan layouts, and we can send an installation program manager to command the installation process. We have everything from IP bullet cameras to IP cameras with audio. No matter what your security requirements may be, we can guarantee their fulfillment. Offering 4-channel camera systems all the way up to 100-channel camera systems, we will equip you well per your unique needs. Your business’s security camera system installation will be in the hands of seasoned experts.

Our job doesn’t end with running the cables and installing the cameras; we’ll train you in how to use our systems. If you opt for our white-glove service plan, we’ll monitor system health and give you remote support, among many other services. Our clients will never have to deal with systemic troubles alone once they reach out to us.

From Subway and Walt Disney to the United Nations and the US army, we know how to solve surveillance challenges of all sizes.

Access Control

We’ll design and configure a system that ensures your people get where they need to be while preventing unauthorized personnel from accessing areas they shouldn’t be. An access control policy is essential to the safe, uninterrupted working of offices. It will protect your business against unauthorized access and data breaches, keeping your employees and your information safe. If you want to execute this policy better, we’re here for your service.

Our contactless technology can protect all your sensitive office spaces. We can provide you with smart readers and controller hardware, ensuring no unauthorized person ever enters your space.

For digital access control, we have cloud-based access control SaaS solutions for you. Openpath, with its open API, can be seamlessly integrated with your software. From employing dynamic permission schedules to managing granular and site-level access, our comprehensive, scalable solutions will enable you to retain control over who accesses your data and at what times. You can plan for emergencies and configure lockdowns with our technology as well.

Intrusion Detection

In the event of unauthorized intrusion, be alerted by a custom configured system designed to protect your people, property, and assets.

Your security plans must include intruder detection. You have to equip your spaces against threat actors to protect your assets and the individuals who work for you. Here at SCW, we give our customers comprehensive sensors and alarm options for their unique needs.

From Shield Our Alarm Hub and Pin Pad Bundles to Our motion sensors and shield monitoring plans, we offer it all.

Underlying Security Infrastructure: Network and Cabling

Given our expertise in designing and installing extensive electrical systems, we can make sure that the network and cabling that let security systems function are laid out correctly.

We’re Ubiquiti UEWA, and UBWA certified, so we are proficient at installing mesh networks that ensure adequately distributed WiFi access across extended facilities. You can get your low-voltage cabling installed by us as well, ensuring that your security equipment is not compromised by bad wiring. We’re BICSI certified – your low voltage electrical infrastructure will be in good hands.

Headquartered in Asheville, NC, SCW offers commercial installation, support, and maintenance throughout the Southeast. Our fully trained, licensed, and certified team of security and network professionals are ready for any challenge - even Hollywood (link to info Garage Rehab). We’re local in more ways than one too. SCW’s entire Product Support team is in North Carolina. In those times where you just need a quick answer, rest assured you won’t wait on the phone for our team. If the issue requires a visit, our team is never more than a few minutes away.

At SCW, we believe that everyone deserves peace of mind. You shouldn't worry about your assets or employees when you step away. From government buildings to enterprise franchises, our team of highly trained security experts has secured facilities in a broad range of industries - from coffee shops to college campuses and everything in between. Let us help you protect what matters most.

North Carolina Alarm Systems License # 103912-CSA

Virginia DCJS License # 11-20002