Establishing A Secure Perimeter: Sample Security System Designs For...

Here at SCW, we have created several sample security floor plans of common scenarios to help you determine what you might need in a surveillance system. You'll find a ton of examples below, but nothing beats the individual attention of one of our people looking over your location.

If you are new to these sorts of guides, start here: Guide to Creating a Security Perimeter for "true for everyone" advice.

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If you want some more specific assistance, we're happy to create a custom floor plan just for you.

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Floor Plan Examples

Small House

Here's how a surveillance camera system for a smaller home would look: (assume a house that is less than fifty feet across).

Modest House with a Long Driveway

Here's how a surveillance system for the front of a house would look on a house that is moderately-sized and has a long (about 100 feet) driveway.

Larger Home

Not all homes are small and simple. In these examples, we will be showing how to design a security system for a home that has more variation in its floor plan.

Larger Irregularly Shaped Home

In these examples, we will be showing how to design a security system for a home that has more variation in its floor plan.


This surveillance system covers a small corporate location, in this case, a clubhouse for an apartment complex, but the principles are the same for nearly any interior space that is meant for office, home, or personal use.


A lot of churches or temples unfortunately are thought of as easy targets for vandalism. Here is a floor plan showing how a security camera system can keep out unwelcome trespassers.

Warehouse with Tall Shelves and Loading Bays

This surveillance system covers the aisles of a warehouse and the exterior entry points as well as a loading dock and assumes shelving units that you cannot see through.

Large Retail Space

This surveillance system covers the aisles of a large retail space - in this example, a shopping mall - but is applicable for anyone in the retail industry.

Parking Garage

These two surveillance system examples cover two different parking garage scenarios: a pay-by-the-hour parking lot with payment kiosks and a parking garage for an apartment complex, with maintenance only areas and an elevator/lobby room.

Mechanic's Garage/Car Repair Shop

When it comes to security camera systems, mechanics have a lot to think about including worker productivity, customer wait times for the sales office, and preventing theft or damage to the vehicles.

Commercial Space

As a business, you have more to lose than just what a thief can steal. This floor plan layout shows you the best areas to place security cameras, so you can protect your space and revenue.


No longer can educational institutions ignore security issues. An incident can mean negative publicity, decreased enrollment, and expensive lawsuits. In this floor plan, you will see how the proper camera placement could benefit your school or institution.

Storage Unit

Storage units can be a target for theft. Thieves know this is where tenants store valuable items. This floor plan and explanation can help you decide where the best placement for security cameras would be.

Car Wash

More complicated than you would think, a car wash needs to be able to have great video coverage of all sides of a car, both before and after it goes through the machine.

Grocery Store

Prevent shoplifting, false slip and fall claims, and improve customer service with the right security camera placement. Here is a sample floor plan layout covering the important areas of a grocery store.

Cannabis Grow Opp

It is legal to grow cannabis in several states. However, cannabis farms have stringent regulatory requirements for their surveillance systems.

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