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Zoom capabilities range from 4x to 36x

Our PTZs have Presets, Patrols, VCA Preset Calls for use in Automations or Autoguard.

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PTZ Cameras: Pan, Tilt, and Zoom Your Way to Security

An IP PTZ Camera (Internet Protocol Pan, Tilt, and Zoom Camera), is a digital video camera that operates via an IP network. IP cameras are digital and connect via Cat5 (Networking) Cable. SCW’s PTZ Cameras can shoot in high definition (HD) at 1080p (2 Megapixels), 4MP (2x 1080p) to 4K (8MP).

Why Choose an IP PTZ Camera?

High-End Security Sophistication

PTZ cameras (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom), are sophisticated and advanced components of the security system industry. Flexibility is its strength. Whether seeing large and far off areas by zooming in or out, spinning 360⁰, or tilting up and down, SCW’s IP PTZ cameras are fun to use. With zoom capabilities from 4x to 36x, they give complete control over an entire surveillance area. Often associated with high-end security systems common to banks, airports, and corporate headquarters, the cost of SCW’s professional-grade PTZs now makes them affordable enough for small businesses and homeowners to add them to their surveillance systems.


PTZ cameras have internal, mechanical components that allow both the camera and lens to move. The range of movement and the ability to change focus and adapt to specific situations make this camera one of the most versatile available. Fixed cameras, even multiple fixed cameras, cannot monitor larger areas to the extent of PTZ cameras. With their 360⁰ range of view, all blind spots are removed.

Tracking Movement

One of the most exciting innovations inherent to PTZ cameras is a built-in program that monitors the change of pixels within a video clip in the camera. In the field of view, when pixels change due to movement, the camera focuses on the variation and moves the camera accordingly. This is done in an attempt to center the pixel fluctuation on the video chip. Therefore, the camera then follows the movement, estimates the size of the object and its distance from the camera. The lens then zooms in and out, stabilizing the fluctuation over the total viewing area. In the absence of the movement, the camera returns to its normal position until it senses the next pixel variation and the process begins again.

How Does an IP PTZ Camera Work?

Power over Ethernet

Our two most popular PTZ cameras come with a 60W high PoE (Power over Ethernet) injector to power the camera for both recording purposes and its entire range of mechanical movement. No additional power cords are required. This greatly reduces installation time and bypasses the need for a professional electrician to run power cables to the PTZ. We refer to this simple, single-line connection between the camera and NVR (Network Video Recorder), as, “plug-and-play-ready.”

Control From Anywhere

The PTZ cameras we offer at SCW don’t require any additional equipment or hardware. They can be controlled directly from your NVR, your PC or Mac computer, and even your iPhone or Android phones and tablets by utilizing our SCW Go app.
Positions can be saved by way of presets on our SCW PTZ cameras. Consider the example of bookmarks on the internet browser for your favorite websites. With an SCW PTZ, rather than your favorite website, presets are a speedy shortcut to a particular view. You can use them to see a parking lot entrance, your front door, or up to 200 different presets over a large area requiring multiple views.
Face detection, intrusion detection, line-crossing detection, and more can also be set with our IP PTZ cameras. With line-cross detection, when a person or vehicle passes a predetermined line established by the owner, the PTZ will automatically snap to that preset area.

PTZ Camera Features

SCW’s models offer a wide array of options to consider. Possibilities include built-in microphones and speakers, built-in AI person detection, and a red/white light with both warnings and welcome messages, and audio input and output.
IP66 weather ratings mean all of SCW’s IP PTZ cameras are fully protected from dust, rain, snow, dew, frost, and sprinklers, and can also be washed off with a hose.
Some of SCW’s PTZ models have built-in microphone and speaker, built-in AI person detection, and a red/white light with warnings and welcome messages. This compact PTZ is for both indoor and outdoor use with an IP66 weather rating. Fully protected from dust, rain, snow, dew, frost, and sprinklers, it can also be washed off with a hose.


Pan Tilt Zoom or PTZ are sophisticated, advanced security cameras. They give the user tons of flexibility in seeing large and far away areas by being able to zoom in, out, spin 360°, and tilt up and down. This guide, Beyond Pan and Zoom: 6 Amazing Things You Can Do With SCW PTZ Cameras, explains many of the features found in SCW PTZ cameras.
With zoom capabilities from 4x to 36x, SCW’s IP PTZ cameras are applicable to a wide variety of applications. Our models offer both digital and optical zoom but it is our recommendation that when considering PTZ cameras, you should concern yourself less with digital zoom and more with optical zoom. Optical zoom increases the number of pixels being recorded. Digital zoom only makes those pictures appear larger.
Our top-of-the-line Scope 8.0 - 4K IP PTZ camera can detect from as far away as 1.5 miles, recognize an individual at 2,000 feet, and identify at 1,000 feet. Long-range infrared night vision capabilities extend to 650 feet.
PTZ cameras have optical zoom or digital zoom. Optical is far preferred. The first image is 2.8 mm (1x zoom), the second at 4x zoom, the third is at 20x, and the last is at 30x zoom. The dumpster is about 150 feet from the camera.

ptz zoom comparison

Choosing the Right IP PTZ Camera

Professional-Quality IP Cameras Are All We Offer

At SCW, our PTZ cameras are IP (Internet Protocol), meaning that they offer several advantages over the outdated analog cameras still on the market. We frequently receive excited responses from our 4,000 Five-Star reviews, amazed at the crisp imagery captured by our cameras. Our line of IP PTZ Cameras shoot in high definition (HD) and are available at varying degrees of resolution depending upon the requirements of specific applications.

We’ll Match the Right IP PTZ Camera With You

SCW has a commercial-grade PTZ camera to meet all your security system needs. And with our expert design team, we’ll find the exact camera for you without any up-selling. Top that off with our free, lifetime, US-based tech support, and you’ll soon discover why SCW is America’s most trusted security camera provider.
Looking for a PTZ camera system quote? Our team of surveillance experts can help with a free floor plan design and quote here.

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