Tutorial: How to Setup Remote Viewing for SCW Go Android/iPhone, Viewstation, or WebView

This guide covers the least secure method of setting up remote viewing allowed by SCW policy. As always we recommend use of a VPN or the Survail platform for corporate environments. Please see the bottom section of the viewing guide for information about cyber security when setting up remote viewing.

Note: SCW Go and Viewstation work with Admiral and Imperial Line NVRs. This guide assumes you have already downloaded the admiral/imperial line viewing software.

What is Star4Live

Star4Live is a cloud/p2p connection service, this service is provided and maintained by our manufacturer. SCW does not control Star4Live, including security, maintenance, or uptime.

Star4Live allows easy remote access without the need to do complicated networking steps like set static IPs or port forwarding! Now everyone can get remote access without a long setup process!

How To Access Your NVR Remotely using Star4Live

Having a Star4Live account allows you to access your NVRs via the web interface as well as through Viewstation. Having an account also allows you to easily share and revoke access to other people.

Accounts are generally recommended for those with multiple NVRs, commercial operations with multiple people accessing, and those who use the web or Viewstation. It is also recommended for our dealer or installer clients.

Accounts also allow you to access and disable QR scanning for additional security.

Note: Only one account can “own” the NVR, so for multiple locations, creating a “master” account is recommended. You can also mix and match, even if you have an NVR added to an account you can still enable other users to simply QR scan without an account.

How to Setup Remote Access for SCW Go / Viewstation or Web View with Star4Live

Step One: Download SCW Go.

Download the SCW Go application from your device’s app store (Android and iPhone). Once installed, open the app.

Step Two: Create your SCW Go Account.

For Android devices the first time you open SCW Go, it will take you to the “Live View” screen. Select the Menu button in the top left. Select Log In at the top, then select Sign Up.

For iOS devices the first time you open SCW Go, it will take you to the “Login” screen. Select Sign Up.

Enter your email address and select Verify. This will send a verification email that includes your six digit verification code. Be sure to check your Junk/Spam folder if you don’t see the email in your inbox.

Once you have confirmed your verification code, create a password for your Star4Live account. This does not have to match the password on your SCW device.

Step Three: Adding your system

Now that your account is created you can add your NVR to the app. Use the Menu button to select Devices.

Select +Add at the top of the devices page. Select Scan.

Scan the QR code found on the NVR label; then name your device. Congratulations you have added your NVR to your SCW Go App.

(Note: You can find your QR Code on the NVR Label. The Local NVR Menu - Network - P2P. The Web Portal Setup - Network - P2P.)

Congrats. You are finished setting up SCWGo with Star4Live.

Optional: Share Remote Access for SCW Go / Viewstation or Web View with another Star4Live User

Go to Menu-Devices-Tap your Device and select Share, here you can choose to share the NVR as a whole or a single camera. Enter the email address that the user has already created in SCW Go, Select Valid Period (Default is 30 Days), and Type: select “by role” user permission level (Preset users in the NVR user list).

Select Share.

Web Management

For those with a Star4Live account, you can log into the web management side. This allows access to the NVR’s web interface, as well as access to share and revoke access, and even password reset your NVR yourself.

To access the web management - login at https://os.star4live.com/login

Web Management Tips

To access the NVR interface - click the “e” button next to the NVR. Note, that if the NVR is under (NAT) you will need the plugin, which is available on the top of Star4Live. This plugin will only work in Edge via IE Mode.

To share an NVR to another Star4Live account click the share button and enter the email or username. Note that the username is cap sensitive. Select the user level and by default the share time is ~30 days - for more permanent sharing, you can share it decades in the future.

Forget your NVR password? You can reset it on your own now - click the key icon, and then click acquire to get a verification code to your email, put the verification code and get a temporary password to reset with.

Star4Live Full Guide

Star4Live provides a full guide on the web management side of Star4live here - https://os.star4live.com/static/doc/NB/QuickGuide.pdf

Viewstation Setup

Viewstation also integrates with Star4Live - add all your devices by simply logging in!

From the control Panel of Viewstation go to Device Management

Navigate to the Cloud Device on the left and login with your Star4Live account details

To add or remove which NVRs to import into Viewstation, click Device Details

To add: Click the checkbox near the NVR and click “add manage”

To delete: Click the checkbox near the NVR and click “cancel”

With Star4Live added to Viewstation, you can also access your NVR’s web interface by the e Button. This allows you to access the NVR without the Star4Live plugin as well - so it loads in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc with the latest plugin.

After that - your Viewstation experience will be the same as with devices added by IP or DDNS.

Star4Live FAQ

Q: Does Star4Live cost?

A: No, Star4Live is a free service.

Q: Does Star4Live record to the cloud?

A: No, there is no cloud recording with Star4Live, all of your footage is stored on the local hard drives.

Q: Can I still port forward?

A: SCW will no longer be assisting with port forwarding directly. Since the NVRs are your devices and not managed by SCW - you are free to set up your own port forwarding and DDNS if preferred, however from a cyber security standpoint this is not recommended.

Q: I have an older Networker / Vanguard / Super / Executive line NVR, can I use Star4Live?

A: Star4Live is only for our Admiral, Imperial and Corporal line of NVRs. These NVRs were released from January 1st 2018 and later.

SCW highly recommends upgrading to these newer NVRs for the Star4Live functionality along with newer features, like cloud firmware updates, and more.

Q: I forgot my Star4Live password, how do I reset it?

A: SCW does not have access to reset your Star4Live account. You can reset it via Star4live https://os.star4live.com/login by clicking Forgot Password. You will need to have access to the email the account is under. If you have issues getting the verification code, check your SPAM folders on your email provider.

Q: If I lose access to my NVR on my phone, does the system stop recording?

A: If your NVR is offline on your phone it could be from a variety of different reasons. From your internet being down to a potential issue with the NVR. If it’s simply the internet being down, your NVR should still record and operate normally.

Q: Why do I get access failed when trying to get to the web interface of the NVR from Star4Live’s web management?

A: You likely need the Star4Live plugin available to download on the top of the web management page. You can also try Viewstation which would not require the plugin.

Q: Can multiple people's accounts have the same NVR?

A: Only one account can “own” the NVR, the others can get access shared to them. The users who have access via sharing can not share the NVR themselves, only the main owner account can share.

Q: Can multiple people log into the same Star4Live account?

A: Yes

Q: Someone I shared access to no longer has access, what happened?

A: Be sure to select a long time period if you are sharing, by default the period is only 30 days.

Q: How many systems can I have on my Star4Live account?

A: Currently there is no limit to NVRs on a Star4Live account. Viewstation does have a limit of 64 cloud devices or 512 total channels.

Q: How can I view via the web or Viewstation if I used the “Without an account” option?

A: Scanning without an account only enables phone access, in order to get access to other platforms you will have to do the account method.

Q: How can I share if I used “Without an account” option?

A: Users can not directly share access without an account, you can screenshot/download the QR code and have the additional people scan the QR code.