How To Set Up SCW Go Android/iPhone Software Tutorial

SCW Go works with Admiral and Imperial Line NVRs.

Before you can set up SCW Go, search for and Install the SCW Go Application in the app store.

Step One:

Hit the menu icon on the top left corner of the screen (circled in the photo).

Step Two:

Select devices.

Step Three:

Hit the “Plus” “Add” button in the middle and then select manual add. If you are editing your DDNS/Device, open your existing device.

Step Four:

Hit Manual Add.

Step Five:

Fill the following settings out as in the image, Change "Address" to reflect the domain given to you by your SCW Tech, which should be ending in * Fill in your username and password.

Once this info is filled in hit the save button at the top right (circled in orange).

Step Six:

After a short loading time, you should see the “Start Live View” button.

Step Seven:

Enjoy the cameras. You can double-tap to view full-screen.