Admiral and Imperial Line Software

SCW ViewStation: v1.5.9 for Windows 10/11 (64 bit v1.5.9 Uploaded 4/3/24) and v1.7.0 for Mac (64 bit v1.7.0. Updated 5/31/23)

Our Windows/Mac application is a full-featured, easy to use, desktop video management software. You can combine multiple Admiral or Imperial systems, even at multiple locations, and seamlessly view and playback all through one program. Viewstation can support up to 512 channels or up to 64 devices, whichever comes first. Viewstation can view up to 64 cameras simultaneously.

Note: When downloading Viewstation on a Window's PC, it prompts the user to create a Super Admin login for the software with the username / password of your choosing. When downloading Viewstation on a Mac, a Super Admin login will have already been set to admin/123456.

SCW recommends at least an i5 quad-core processor and 8GB of RAM for optimum performance. More camera streams and/or higher resolution streams means more CPU and RAM are required. Click here for info on computer requirements.

For a quick setup guide click here

Plugin 3.0 for Windows, Supports Chrome, Firefox, Edge and other modern browsers

When you visit your Admiral or Imperial NVR's web view address, it will prompt you to download the appropriate plugin for your device and let you know when the plugin has been updated.

If you are having trouble downloading or installing the plugin from your device, please contact our support department before downloading these files. The NVR web-view should always have the latest version for that particular device, and these zips include multiple plugin versions for support troubleshooting. Windows Plugin Versions (Mac plugin currently unsupported)

SCW Camera Tools for PC

Windows Only CameraTools will find any Admiral or Imperial Line SCW equipment connected to your network, including NVRs or IP cameras, allowing you to assign IPs and more. You shouldn't normally need to use this program; this tool is primarily used with our support team if there are issues.

SCW Player forWindows

SCW Player is a video player specifically for camera footage. It allows features like grid views, clipping, better audio playback, fisheye footage dewarping, and more.

VLC Player (Plays video files) PC & Mac

Quicktime on Macs may not support H.265 video from the Admiral line. VLC is a popular third-party player that supports h. 265.

View station for 32 Bit Windows

This version of View station is for 32 bit Windows. Note that performance for 32-bit systems is significantly lower than modern 64-bit computers.