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Cutting-Edge Cameras + AI-Powered Analytics + Access Control System = Unbeatable Security. Benefits are immediate and measurable.

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Video Analytics

A better form of security is now available--a totally new form. And it's the only AI, cloud-managed, analytics platform on the market. Rather than human eyes randomly searching endless cameras for sightings of a potential threat, our software is analyzing video images from unlimited cameras simultaneously, in real-time.

Artificial Intelligence detecting threats and reporting them in less than a second. Immediate alerts by either text message, email, or automatic phone call. Real-time notification to first responders eliminates delays and changes outcomes

No need to buy all new cameras if you already have an existing security camera system. Survail works out of the box with nearly every camera on the market.

Your data safeguarded like never before with ultimate cybersecurity entirely free of the Internet; cameras protected from potential malware

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Access Control

SCW Access Control gives you complete control over those who enter your operation. Only employees and those whom you specifically designate are allowed entrance. Former employees who might try to return are easily kept out by simply changing the code. And current employees have easy access by key fob, card, or mobile credentials.

Office doors are always locked. No need to remember at closing time.

Keep intrusive non-employees off of your property.

Current employees have easy access by key fob, card, or mobile credentials, allowing you to know who is coming and going at all times.

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Case Studies

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Case Studies

Build a modern, state of the art surveillance ecosystem for you business. No matter the industry, SCW can create a custom system for your unique needs.

Reduce Product Thefts

Lumber is more valuable than ever. Read more about how SCW helped Woodgrain, a lumber product company, reduce product theft.

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Save Time and Money

See how SCW helped Parkway Ford save time and money, reducing liability and improving operational efficiency.

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Protect Your Students

Find out how SCW helped Del Norte Schools reduce disciplinary issues and daily operational friction with a brand new security ecosystem.

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1 month ago

Personal service. The staff and techs are always friendly and helpful. They designed a system f...

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Brady R

3 months ago

I have been using SCW equipment since 2016. With the latest advancements in network and camera ...

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9 months ago

Ok, I never leave reviews but when a company saves me literally thousands of dollars and especi...

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Nick Seretis


Everything our customers love about SCW.

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