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We do things really differently here at SCW and we'd like to explain why.

SCW as Equipment Source, Service Provider, and Software Company

Who we are, Externally:

SCW is a 15 year old, fast-growing company based in Asheville, NC that specializes in video surveillance and other security technologies intended to protect businesses, non-profits, and government assets. We are a value-driven company committed to delivering high-quality products, installation services, customer and technical support, and a superior software experience to our customers from all over the world.

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SCW as Employer

Who we are, Internally:

At SCW, we like to do things differently not just in how we do business, but in how our internal working environment operates and in the total rewards that we offer! Our working environment is highly adaptable, inclusive, team-centered and collaborative. SCW is a company that is committed to transparency, kindness, employee investment, and embracing innovative ways of working and operating efficiently.

We make a strong effort to foster an exceptional working environment and culture that enables employees to do their best work, progress towards their individual goals (both professionally and personally), and keep employees motivated to continue growing.

We understand that competitive benefits and pay are essential to the wellbeing of employees.


What Defines Our Employment Philosophy

Our working environment and culture encompass the following pillars:

Highly Collaborative - We place a lot of value on individual feedback, suggestions, and teamwork. As a growing business, we believe employees from all sorts of diverse backgrounds can and should contribute their unique brilliances and challenge their weaknesses. If something can be done more efficiently, we want your suggestions. If there are needs that are not being met, we want them to be surfaced. We encourage an environment of transparency, open communication, and teamwork so that our team, as one unit, moves forward towards our organizational goals.

Recognition - Good work deserves to be recognized. We have creative ways of recognizing our team members through a rewards program, length of service awards, and team shoutouts!

Flexibility - We trust our employees to get the job done. When trust is earned, flexibility is possible. If a job can be done remotely, we make remote work an option! We also have “flex” time policies designed to support our employees in balancing work and personal obligations.

Integrity - Our leadership team strives to set an example of treating people with mutual respect, empathy, fair policies, and consistency in how we administer those policies.

Accountability - We value regular meetings between manager and employee so that we are accountable for our work and set a consistent standard across our organization.

People vs. Numbers - We view our employees as individuals as opposed to viewing them as numbers. We take an approach to management that is catered towards an individual’s unique brilliance and enables them to do their best work.

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Financial Wellness - Employee Benefits, Matching Programs, and Competitive Wages


History and Future

SCW is a 15 year old privately held company, whose corporate office is in Asheville, North Carolina. We've been INC. 5000 winners (the INC 5000 is a list of the fastest-growing privately held businesses in the United States), secured of the some of the most prestigious companies and buildings on earth, been written about by the most widely read newspapers, and been involved with several reality television shows.

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Industries Served

Our Addresses

Where we are:

Most of our employees are remote, but if you want need to mail us something you want to use one of these three addresses depending on who you want to receive the item.

Security Camera Warehouse, INC

Corporate Office, Sales, Support, and RMAs

11 Richland Street

Asheville NC 28806

Security Camera Warehouse, INC

Shipping and Receiving

13 Richland Street

Asheville NC 28806

Security Camera Warehouse, INC

Greensboro / Winston Salem / Triad Installation Branch

657 Brigham Rd Suite B

Greensboro, NC 27409.

Security Camera Warehouse, INC

Asheville NC Installation Branch

13 Richland Street

Asheville NC 28806