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Support First: A Corporate Identity Rooted in Service

Why it matters that we think of ourselves as a support company that provides security products, rather than a security company reluctantly offering support.

The SCW "Support First!" Identity

Service Olympians

SCW’s identity is closely tied with being a support company first. We strive to provide our clients the best support experience they’ve ever had - and we don’t just mean when it comes to security cameras. We want to be one of the best experiences, period.

In fact, we have a company value of “Love the Customer” which empowers our US based support team to provide the best possible experience. This value helped SCW become a premier physical security provider.

Many companies noticed this, and some wanted to capitalize on this concept. They claim they have US based support, so what makes them different from SCW now? Well, we’re happy you asked! Let’s talk about how SCW’s support is truly world class.


Instant Access to Expertise

SCW’s support team is not like most other technical support. When you call SCW’s support number, you’re immediately going to connect with an expert.

No Gatekeeping - We’ve all had that experience of calling technical support and reaching someone who clearly is reading from a script and whose role is to gate keep you from the support team.

At SCW - we value your time, so this doesn’t happen. When you call our support staff, you instantly reach the next available, highly trained and highly experienced support team member.

Little to No Wait - 95% amount of SCW’s calls connect to an agent within 5 minutes.

Training Matters

Expertise is Key

Anyone can answer a phone and claim to be technical support. At SCW our agents go through weeks of intensive training before they talk to a customer.

It doesn’t also stop with initial training - SCW support also does extensive continued education on products, features, and services.

SCW’s support staff has combined decades of experience and tens of thousands of support hours. Our support team works in a collaborative way to make sure this experience is shared.

Customer Success

Not just “Technical”

Technical support often draws a line in the sand. They can help when you have problems, but general use? Here’s the manual…..

Our support team goes beyond just technical support and is happy to assist in everyday use with the system as well. We can walk you through every aspect of the system, and even do a remote session on a computer to walk you through even better.

Need to know how to pull footage? We can show you!

Saw a cool feature on the website? Let us walk you through it!

IT and Administrators - You’re busy enough, instead of having HR go to you to help pull footage, have them contact our support team, they’ll make it easy and can walk them through it.


Empowered to Help

We believe that measuring call center performance such as “time to resolution” or other time based SLAs is detrimental to the client experience….which is why we don’t use them.

If you train someone and the factor for success is how quickly you can get off of the phone then this only incentivizes staff to take the easiest tickets. We train our staff to go the extra mile and celebrate stories of how they helped customers with difficult problems, not "how fast did they get off the phone" metrics. We empower our most front facing staff to make our most complex support decisions - without having to get a manager involved.