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We do things really differently here at SCW and we'd like to explain why.

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Who we are:

Let's be honest. You probably don't expect to love a security company. Most security companies have bad customer service and useless technical support. They view their service teams as an area to cut costs... and it shows.

SCW is different: we LOVE customer service.

We are a small, fast-growing company based in Asheville, NC that specializes in high definition surveillance equipment, customer service, and technical support. We are a value-driven company committed to delivering high-quality products and a superior experience to our customers from all over the world. Our working environment is highly adaptable, inclusive, team-centered and collaborative. SCW is a company that is committed to transparency, kindness, employee investment, and embracing innovative ways of working and operating efficiently.

Mission Driven

Our History, Vision, and Values

SCW origins: How our Unique Values Drive Us

SCW culture: How our 3 Missions Define All we Do


What Defines Our Employment Philosophy

Open Jobs: Working at SCW

How Jobs Worth Having Defines SCW’s Purpose and Improves Our Community, Country, and Customer Service

SCW's 2018 Asheville Cost of Living and our "Living Well Wage"

Debt Free: A matching program towards paying off employee debt


History and Future

Our Press: SCW in the News

TV and Movie Appearances: from Discovery Channel to Major Motion Pictures


Donations: Supporting our Community and Building a Better World

What's New? Quarterly Update: Q2 2023

What's New? Quarterly Update: Q1 2023

Our Addresses

Where we are:

Most of our employees are remote, but if you want need to mail us something you want to use one of these three addresses depending on who you want to receive the item.

Security Camera Warehouse, INC

Corporate Office, Sales, Support, and RMAs

11 Richland Street

Asheville NC 28806

Security Camera Warehouse, INC

Shipping and Receiving

13 Richland Street

Asheville NC 28806

Security Camera Warehouse, INC

Greensboro / Winston Salem / Triad Installation Branch

657 Brigham Rd Suite B

Greensboro, NC 27409.

Security Camera Warehouse, INC

Asheville NC Installation Branch

13 Richland Street

Asheville NC 28806