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SCW Vision And Values

A look under the curtain about how our leadership and employees think about the work, the customer, the future, and each other.

Even More Important than Profit

Our 3 Missions:

SCW is a mission driven company. We strive to align everything we do with the following three ideals: Love the Customer; Love the Team; Be here in 200 Years.

Love the Customer

Despite what it may seem, we are not a security company. We are a CUSTOMER SERVICE and TECHNICAL SUPPORT company that happens to provide security products. Because of this we celebrate and value exceptional acts of service for our customers. We strive to be CUSTOMER SERVICE OLYMPIANS.

SCW owns this mission by:
  • • Doing the right thing, even when it costs us something.
  • • Empowering our employees to solve customer issues.
  • • Fighting against the exploitation of the customer and striving to get them to get a good deal.
Our team owns this mission by:
  • • Doing the right thing, even when it costs them something.
  • • Thinking of creative ways to do the unexpected and beautiful for our customers
  • • Being biased towards action. Own the customer’s problem.
  • • Choosing the lowest cost products that meet the customer’s needs.

Love the Team

SCW is committed to building our workplace environment on mutual respect, shared humanity, and work that we can all be proud of. We work hard in small, close-knit teams. We're an equal opportunity employer who values diversity, equity, and inclusion.

SCW owns this mission by:
  • • Paying a living wage, which we define as “our lowest paid employee can afford a home in a decent neighborhood reasonably close to where they work.”
  • • Deciding that not all the gains in income go to ownership; we set aside a portion of our profit for our employees.
  • • Consistent, equitable pay: everyone with the same job title has the same pay (you'll never get in trouble for talking about wages and you can see what a position pays because we post it in the listing)
  • • Traditional Benefits like health insurance and 401(k) matching and innovative benefits like our debt repayment and first time homebuyer matching programs.
  • • Giving people opportunities. We train. We usually hire based on the best fit and the capacity to learn, not industry knowledge or employment history.
Our team owns this mission by:
  • • Working hard and proactively seek out ways to support your team.
  • • Teaching rather that looking for fault. Find ways to help struggling or overwhelmed team members.
  • • Looking for ways to make your coworkers better. The easiest way to move up in your career is to both be willing to teach what you know and to learn from someone else.
  • • Thinking of creative ways to do the unexpected and beautiful for your team members.

Be Here in 200 Years:

One of the most unique things about SCW is the way that we think about the future and how we allocate our profits. We are free to change and adapt, because SCW wasn't built on investment capital - it was made by a lot of hard-working people. We are building a multi-industry American institution. We are all working together to build the greatest place your grandkid has ever worked.

SCW owns this mission by:
  • • Avoiding both debt and investors.
  • • Looking past our industry for inspiration and opportunity.
  • • Providing our people with a pathway to expand their skills and a capacity to direct the flow of the company.
  • • Having long term strategies rather than quarterly earning reports dictate company direction
  • • Investing in ourselves.
  • • We have ruled out an exit strategy.
Our team owns this mission by:
  • • A commitment to constantly improve
  • • Finding ways to do it better. Never stop asking the question: “how we can provide a better customer experience, process, or product?”
  • • Building your skills: feel free to take on a project, learn something new, or build our next business line!
  • • Building something permanent.
  • • Thinking about the long term. Don’t only think about the short term opportunity.