How Jobs Worth Having Defines SCW’s Purpose and Improves Our Community, Country, and Service

When you do business with SCW, you get the backing of an exemplary team that will go above and beyond to deliver amazing products and world-class service. You also get an ally who is fully committed to improving our city (Asheville, NC), our country, and our world by making sure that the middle class continues to exist.

One of the primary reasons that SCW Exists is to Create the Best Jobs it Can

We include these principles in the way that we think about compensation in the workplace:

Equal Pay for Equal Work

SCW believes that if you do the same job as the person next to you, you should make the same amount.

SCW is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability, but even equal opportunity employers can have implicit bias in their pay scales. SCW extends the values of equal opportunity to include equal pay for equal work.

All staff performing essentially the same job are paid at the same flat rate or use the same performance-based system for pay. Pay is not based on seniority, gender, race, or being in the right networks, but is purely based upon what role the individuals performs for the company.

Make Sure Everyone Has Enough

SCW believes that if you work in Asheville (where we're located), you should be able to live near Asheville. Specially, we think that you must be able to live within a 30 minute drive without spending more than 33% of your income on housing. In 2018, A one bedroom apartment outside of the city center in AVL averaged $899 according to a cost of living report updated January 2018. Therefore, our lowest paid position pays $35,000 annually; we are required to pay this amount even for people who pack boxes or do manual labor.

SCW believes that Asheville (and America, in general) needs more higher wage jobs to prevent the erosion of the middle class. For a description on how we arrived at these numbers and a explanation as to why, please see our SCW's 2018 Asheville Cost of Living and our "Living Well Wage" document.

Expect More and Pay More

SCW believes that happy employees make customers happy. I’ve (Matt) had the incredible opportunity through my experience in the Young Entrepreneurs Council to write for both Forbes and Huffington Post on SCW’s customer service, which consistently gets some of the best reviews in the industry. Because we pay above average wages, we expect above average performance from every member of every team.

In an industry which averages double digit turnover, we have almost none. SCW believes that one of its major competitive advantages is the knowledge acquired by its people. Having such a low turnover is one of the ways that SCW delivers expertise technical support and exemplary customer service.

Benefits Benefit the Customer

SCW believes that less-stressed employees provide better service. A healthy and well-rested workforce is more pleasant with customers. Because of this, we have a commitment to providing good quality health, dental, and vision insurance at no cost to the employee and their children. We’re on the bleeding edge of benefit creation, by offering not just a traditional matching 401k program, but a similar matching debt repayment program for those employees who joined our company in debt, whether it be from student loans, medical bills, or even poor decisions. SCW even has a partnership with OnTrackWNC to provide free financial counseling for our staff. SCW has a commitment to a PTO policy of 4 paid weeks off a year (including both sick and vacation days), paid days off for (most!) national holidays, and also includes additional situational leave, such as bereavement, paternity, and maternity leave.