Surveillance System Service Plan

Protect your initial investment and gain peace of mind that your system is working as intended with a Service Plan from SCW.

A service plan with SCW enables us to proactively monitor and maintain your system, minimizing downtime and reducing the impact of any issues. Common causes for system downtime include changes to your network and temporary power outages, which can cause cameras to go offline - potentially costing you critical footage if too much time passes before you notice the cameras are not functioning properly.

A service plan with SCW also guarantees you a 10% discount on all future equipment purchases and $99 flat rate service calls.


with Service Plan

without Service Plan

Unlimited Remote Support 9am - 7pm Monday-Friday

System Health Monitoring and Maintenance

System Configuration Back Up

Onsite Troubleshooting & Technical Support

Onsite Video Retrieval

Credential Distribution Support

10% discount on all additional SCW equipment

Out of Scope Service Calls at Flat $99 Rate

Service calls are $160 minimum and $85/hr after the first hour for one technician. Additional fees may be charged if multiple technicians required.

Optional Additional Services (additional fees apply): Camera Cleaning

without Cleaning Services

Camera cleaning up to twice per years as needed. Camera cleaning service can be added to your service plan for all cameras or for only specific cameras. Recommended for exterior cameras or cameras in locations prone to dust, dirt, or spider webs.

Service calls for camera cleaning billed at $160 minimum and $85/hr after the first hour for one technician.

Brief Description of Services

Unlimited Remote Support 9am - 7pm Monday-Friday

Our trained team of technicians located in Asheville NC is available Monday-Friday form 9AM-7PM to answer your questions, provide training, and help resolve any issue you may have with your system.

System Health Monitoring and Maintenance

Our team will review your system at regular intervals to ensure it is optimized and in proper working order, and to update firmware as needed. You will receive a system health report documenting our teams’ work.

For clients with remote access enabled on their system, System Health Checks will be performed monthly. For clients with local access online, our technicians will perform Health Checks on-site at agreed upon intervals.

System Configuration Backup

Our team will take a snapshot of your system configuration for easy restoration of camera, recording, and NVR settings. Snapshots will be taken at the same intervals as System Health Checks.

Onsite Troubleshooting & Technical Support

Our technicians handle the troubleshooting on site so you don't have to and complete replacement of in-warranty equipment if needed.

Onsite Video Retrieval Support

In the event of a break-in or other incident, our onsite technicians help you retrieve and export relevant footage for law enforcement, insurance, or other purposes.

Credential Distribution Support

Support managing and distributing system credentials (user creation and permissions).

Out of Scope Services at Flat $99 Rate for Up to Two Hours / Month

Flat $99 service call rate for up to two hours per calendar month to address issues outside the scope of this plan - such as responding to vandalism or repositioning cameras.

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