SCW Installation Services Warranty

1 Year Installation Warranty

1 Year on all cabling, weatherproofing, installation materials, and labor

3 Year Equipment Warranty

3 Year Warranty on all SCW equipment

Lifetime Technical Support

100% FREE support for equipment that never expires.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if something is broken or not working properly?


Call 828-352-2242 to reach our tech support department in Asheville, North Carolina, Monday-Friday between 9 AM and 7 PM.

Our team will work with you to identify the issue and hopefully get you up and running right away. Unless you are enrolled in an SCW Service Plan , you will need to be onsite with your surveillance system to work with our team to complete the troubleshooting process.


If we cannot resolve your issue remotely or our support team determines that equipment needs to be replaced, your SCW Services Manager will contact you to schedule a service call.


If a service call is required, we will not charge the service fee if your issue is covered under your installation warranty (i.e., all cabling, weatherproofing, mounting boxes etc).

All other service calls are billed at our current Service Call rates, unless you are enrolled in an SCW Service Plan.

What specifically does my warranty cover?


Installation: Any issue with weatherproofing hardware, camera mounting, and faulty cable runs.


Equipment: Your warranty covers any failure of SCW Admiral, Imperial, Vanguard, or Executive security camera equipment (cameras and NVRs), SCW PoE switches and accessories, and Hard Drives. Third-party accessories and equipment are warrantied for 1 year.

What specifically does my warranty NOT cover?


Installation: Cable damage due to lightning, power surges or electrical issues, or post-installation mishandling.


Equipment: Physical damages inflicted on the equipment. This includes, but is not limited to, tampering, modifications made to the SCW installation, extreme weather or other “acts of God”.

What happens if I need equipment replaced under the warranty?

Normally, warranty replacements are a one-to-one replacement of the exact model that you purchased and in a similar condition as to what we received.

Sometimes, camera or NVR components are discontinued and it is no longer possible to replace the equipment with the exact same model. If that should happen, SCW will replace cameras of a similar or greater level of zoom, resolution, and framerate. Likewise, NVR models, that have been discontinued, will get a warranty replacement of a similar or greater level of channels, recording resolution, and framerate capacity.

Software is constantly changing, so we cannot guarantee that the UI, firmware, or features will be identical if we replace a discontinued item with a newer one.

The “Fine” Print

SCW is not responsible for any lost time, equipment rentals, or installation costs associated with the replacement of equipment.

SCW will repair issues that arise as a result of faulty or poor workmanship or labor on your installed camera system, provided that SCW, Inc. is notified of the issue during the warranty period. SCW reserves the right to inspect the issues in order to determine that the issue was caused by faulty or poor workmanship.

SCW reserves the right to charge a service fee if it is determined that the issue was not a result of poor or faulty workmanship or labor on the part of SCW.