SCW Installation Site Visit

We're happy to visit your location and do a free site visit report to assess your needs and understand the challenges we will face installing our products at your location. Here's what to expect:

First, we will need about on average about 45 minutes of your time to understand your concerns and goals. If you are in a corporate location, this meeting will often take longer, depending on your size and complexity.

Who should attend this meeting and how should I prepare?

If you are homeowner, we will need you present for the site visit as we cannot enter your home without you being present. Please make sure that you know where your router or internet connection is located.

If you are corporation, non-profit or government organization, please make sure your facilities manager and local IT technician or availible. We will need to know about crawlspaces, have access to your electrical rooms, and will need to know about your network bandwidth capacities and networking cable runs.

What happens after this meeting?

We will need to be able to walk around your property and determine where we can run the cable, if we need to install conduit, and take photos of where the cameras will be mounted. This takes about 5 to 10 minutes per camera. Feel free to do something else during this time, but we will need you to stay on site. We will need to go inside and take photos of where you want the NVR to be located and where your router is located.

Site Visit Checklist

Please have the following completed prior to your SCW Installation site visit.

Where you would like the NVR to be located

Location of the router or switch, for larger more complex networks please have the network manager present.

Clear Access to all parts of the building such as Attics, basements, living areas, etc.

Please have all pets safely secured

If you have any questions please give us a call at 1-866-414-2553