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Unlike a fixed lens camera, Varifocal Cameras allow you to adjust the angle of view to optically zoom in.

Our IP Varifocal Cameras shoot in HD at 1080p (2MP), 4MP (about 2x 1080P), or 4K

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Varifocal Cameras: Adjustable Angle of View

With a varifocal camera, you can adjust the camera's angle of view.

Not all varifocal cameras have motorized lenses, but, currently, all SCW varifocal cameras models are motorized.

A motorized varifocal lens allows you to change the angle of view remotely via any of our software interfaces (mobile, in-person, VMS, or in-browser), but does not allow the camera to move left to right (pan) or up and down (tilt), like a PTZ camera.


Position does not change


Focal Length can be changed, which decreases angle of view as it optically zooms in


Can pan, tilt, and zoom (image shows a zoom in PTZ panning left and right)

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