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Any IP camera. Any Analog Encoder. Any NVR. Any DVR. Any brand. If it sends an h.264 RTSP feed, you can watch it in survail.

Live view that works in any browser.

No browser plugins needed.

No software to install, configure, or maintain.

Give your IT team a break from having to wrestle with old school, outdated VMS software.


Grid Views

View multiple cameras live in a grid.

Low latency.

Fast switching.

Multiple Locations.

One login.

24/7 Timeline

Save Everything; Watch Only What Matters

Scroll over the events and see snapshots of what the AI found.

Rest assured, even when the AI didn't locate an event of interest, the video still exists and is playable.

Email or Text

Meaningful Alerts

Alerts from traditional systems are not highly useful, often sending you scurrying to check a feed because of a swaying tree or setting sun. With survail, you can create easy to setup alerts based on what is in the video feed.

You can get them via email or text message.

We think we have made the easiest alert to set up in the industry.

Take Action

Effortlessly Collaborate

Survail has multiple ways that you can take action when a security or HR event occurs.

1. You can use our share function, which is built for first responders. "Share" creates a web-based, login free, auto-expiring, unlimited scaling video player-on-a-webpage, designed specifically for the unique challenges of an active emergency.

2. You can store a video in our Vault, which is intended for legal and HR documentation. Putting a video into the vault creates a login-required, long-term cloud-based storage for video files and incident reports, so that you can permanently store footage and document what happened.

3. You can download the MP4 and share the video file itself.


First Responder Viewport

In this image, you see the result of our First Responder Share Function.

The emergency management personnel see the shared video clip in standalone web-page player outside of your account, with no menu, no access to change settings or view anything other than what you have shared. The url automatically expires after 24 hours.

When you choose to "share" a clip, survail moves the video from your box to the cloud and allows access by anyone with the secret url. That url can now be shared to all emergency response personnel, who don't need to log in, download software or setup accounts to view it.

This URL and video will be availible, even if your local survail box is destroyed. Even if your network connection has been cut. Even if your power is out.

Document What Matters

Incident Reports and Vault

In this image, you see the result a video having been put in the Vault and an incident report having been drafted.

Vault is intended for long-term (lasts until you delete it) video storage for video files that contain an incident of note.

Vault moves video into long term cloud storage that won't be overwritten. Vault allows you to tag one or multiple videos under an event and then write up an incident report about the event. Vault is intended to establish clear documentation for HR or Legal teams. Vault establishes a clear chain of custody of unedited video.

Use Vault when you need to store video for use in HR files or court cases.

Track and Follow

Navigate your Property Even if You've Never Been There

Setup: Draw a clickable area directly on any camera's live view and associate that with another camera's live view.

Turn on "camera zones" in the live view panel and you can follow targets live from camera to camera.

Manage Access

Maximize Team Productivity

Create Users easily. Gone are the days of changing 200 passwords on your 200 devices when one employee leaves.

Manage their access with Custom User Permissions and Roles.

Shift Management

Create Notification Groups

Manage staff and shift schedules by easily controlling who gets notifications and when.

Device Status

Camera Health Monitoring

Survail will check the status of your recording devices constantly and show you if it is having trouble connecting to cameras.


Computer Vision based AI Event Search

AI-Powered Analytics cut out the filler and help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Intro to Computer Vision

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