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Footage that matters

Any AI detected event that you think is worthy of an alert can be backed up into our cloud and stored for 30 days. Just check the box for a "video" alert. This will copy the video to the cloud for you, giving you two copies of the data.


Upload only what matters

Many offices or other businesses need to preserve their bandwidth when they are open for video conferencing or VOIP phones. If you have upload constraints, you can control which videos move to the cloud.

Survail has multiple alert types including email, text, and "share-ready" alerts. "Share ready" alerts automatically backs up that event video to the cloud. This means that you can create automatic rules like "upload video events to the cloud when that video has a person in it, during the hours when my business is closed, for the cameras that are inside my structure."

Additionally, if you use our share function to distribute a video, this will also automatically back it up into the cloud, even if you didn't do so when the event was created with a "share ready" alert.


Data about your Videos

Whenever survail detects something of note, it sends the data about the event (the metadata) to the cloud. This data is about half of a megabite and includes information about what object was found (so you can search for it), how confident we were, where the detection occurred and when, a cropped snapshot of the object, and a screengrab of the entire view of the camera during that time.

This metadata should allow you to reconstruct what happened, even if your survail box is stolen or damaged, even when you don't have notifications sending video footage to the cloud.


First Responder or Pro-Monitoring Viewports

If you need to distribute a video, you can either download the footage or utilize our "share" function. The "share" function has been designed around enabling first responders and other emergency management personnel to access video in a cloud-based distributed manner. So, if you are in the middle of an emergency and need many, many people to instantly view the footage that created the emergency, survail will transfer that video to the cloud, where it can scale, and allow as many people as you need to watch the video simultaneously.

Even if your local survail box is destroyed, even if your network has been cut, even if your power is out, the First Responder or Pro-Monitoring Viewports will be able to serve video.

The emergency management personnel see the shared video clip in standalone web-page player outside of your account, with no access to change settings or view anything other than what you have shared. The url automatically expires after 24 hours.

Retain and Document

Long Term Legal / HR Rentention

Use Vault when you need to store video for use in HR files or court cases.

Vault moves video into long term cloud storage that won't be overwritten. Vault allows you to tag one or multiple videos under an event and then write up an incident report about the event. Vault is intended to establish clear documentation for HR or Legal teams. Vault establishes a clear chain of custody of unedited video.

Vault is intended for long-term (lasts until you delete it) video storage for video files that contain an incident of note and includes the ability to tag videos (such as by behavior, court case, or employee name), name the incident, write a summary, and document whether the police were notified.

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