What does SCW need in order to design a security camera system for a warehouse?

When you are looking to outfit your warehouse operation with security cameras the easiest solution is to send us the floor plans. We can then help you come up with a solution that meets your needs.


If you don't have a floor plan available, you will need to walk the warehouse so that you know the square footage and where the shelving units are located that will obstruct the view. In this way, designing a security camera system for a warehouse is very similar to designing one for a grocery store.

Knowing the aisles that need to be monitored and the size of the space will help us determine how many cameras are needed and where they need to be mounted.


Most warehouse-based businesses and operations prefer using bullet cameras but some use dome cameras or PTZ cameras. To better understand the difference between bullet and dome cameras, please see this bullet vs. dome knowledge base article. Bullet cameras are easy to adapt to new situations that would require adjusting of the lens, adjusting of the bracket, seeing in the dark, surviving extreme temperatures, and other weather conditions. It is the flexibility of bullet cameras that make them perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments. All in all, bullet cameras are the best solution for a warehouse setting. For information on what changes the price of a warehouse surveillance camera installation, see this blog post.


In high-traffic operations, PTZ security cameras can be used in high-risk areas and defend against thieves, vandals, and other unauthorized activities. PTZ cameras can Pan, Tilt, and Zoom.





Reasons to use SCW for your Warehouse Surveillance System


High-Quality Warehouse CCTV Systems

SCW offers only commercial-grade equipment. Our outdoor installations are rugged enough to withstand the worst weather conditions, year after year. Whether you require two cameras or two hundred, SCW’s security cameras systems allow for nearly unlimited scaling---as many cameras you need, as many locations as you have.


Warehouse CCTV Systems Warranty

SCW offers the best warranties in the business, along with our Advance Replacements Policy. If we sent you a defective security camera or NVR, and we can't fix it over the phone, we'll send a replacement out before you send the old one to us for testing, and we'll pay for shipping both ways.


Customer Service

All of our Warehouse CCTV System customers will have access to our technical team as well as the ability to escalate any concerns to the manufacturer’s team.


Warehouse CCTV Systems' Bulk Discounts


If you are interested in a quote for a Warehouse Surveillance System or any large order, feel free to call us on our toll-free line or email us at sales@getscw.com. The prices listed on the site are for single item orders, we can often pass on rather large savings to our Warehouse clients by bulk pricing.