We're a security camera company, not a hunting company. We get a ton of requests for hunting cameras. If you have power in the location and want to watch wildlife, our cameras will work great. However, if you need battery-powered cameras in the middle of the woods, we recommend that you go with Moultrie. Standalone battery-powered is very different than standard security cameras. We would like to recommend Moultrie game cameras in places where you do not have power, as they specialize in tree-mounted, battery-powered hunting cameras, and we do not.

Hunters everywhere are cashing in on the big game by never missing another opportunity to hunt with our Infrared Hunting Cameras. Sure this solution seems unfair to the game of hunting, but everyone lays their eyes to rest for a moment. So look at these infrared cameras as a way to fight back and gain more efficiency. Infrared cameras make hunting seem like clockwork. If you integrate these cameras in the right perimeter you can give yourself time to get in position or intercept the game. We recommend using long-range bullet cameras as your weapon of choice. They have varifocal lenses and infrared lights that see up to 200 feet.

Gain More Efficiency During Hunting Season By Seeing In The Dark

We have had many hunters calling us looking for a way to hunt though their time is limited. What they are really asking for is the ability to locate game and understand their patterns without having to devote precious hours to the task.

In an area plentiful with game, long-range infrared bullet cameras are the best weapons to have. Some cameras have long-range capability. Depending on the installation, it may be possible to run conduit in the ground and get close to the target area with the lens adjusted to the desired distance.

Long-Range Infrared Bullet Hunting Cameras Are Perfect For Deer Watching

Some of our customers are exclusively deer hunters. In fact, many of them have homes near the game. This makes it very easy to integrate infrared cameras to cover multiple angles of hot zones for deer hunting or watching. Infrared cameras can be set for motion detection and only record when there is activity in the camera's field of view--even receive alerts by email.

If fixed or varifocal cameras are insufficient for your needs, then we recommend using auto-tracking PTZ cameras. Utilize preset positions and field-of-view and have the PTZ camera automatically zoom in on targets that enter its field-of-view. Additionally, we offer infrared lamps that will help the PTZ camera see in the dark.

If you are looking for a winning solution this hunting season, call us and talk to one of our consultants today for advice on which equipment will work best for you.