Multi-Site / Complex Surveillance Systems

When it comes to multi-site, multi-location, or single-site-multi-building surveillance systems, SCW is up to the challenge.

Complex Surveillance Systems with Multiple Locations: How SCW Supports Clients with Multiple Sites and/or Multiple Buildings per Site

The Challenges

Security systems become significantly more complex when you have to deal with either multiple buildings per location or multiple locations.

When you manage several franchise locations across several cities, you really start to depend on the ability to check-in, remotely. Having eyes on different locations is incredibly important because you can't be everywhere at once--at least, not without our cameras. You've also got to make sure that each location has sufficient bandwidth to upload their video to the central monitoring location and make sure that on-the-ground employees, such as store managers or branch-level security guards have access to the video at their location.

When you have several buildings at a single location, you have to deal with the complexity of making sure that all these buildings have internet or internal network connections and in some cases, such as the self-storage industry, you may need to even pipe in power to some of the ancillary buildings.

When you have multiple buildings per location and multiple locations all across the world, that's where the real complexity happens.

No worries. Our national installation project managers handle these challenges all the time.

In this SCW Success Story video, the Founder of Pour Taproom talks about why he selected SCW for his series of franchise self-service bars.

In this "In The Trenches: Installation Challenges" video, four members of our National Installation Services Team talks about the challenges of moving data around a multi-building location.

Multi-Site Management Surveillance Installation Team

Solution 1: The Right Team

When you're designing a multisite or multi-building surveillance system, you need the right team to support you. From correct camera selection, to camera placement, to networking infrastructure and power requirements, choosing the right partner is 100% the most important step for complex surveillance systems. Additionally, a camera system will only be one layer of your security and you also need to make sure that you have the right solutions for access control, intrusion, analytics and AI.

Our national installation services project managers can handle your multi-site / multi-building challenges.

Solution 2: Multi-Site Software

Multi-Site Management Software Included

Our PC/Mac Software can integrate all your cameras across multiple locations.
You can view up to 64 Cameras at once.

With our software, you can have the reliability of recording all your footage locally while also having the ability to view multiple systems to our PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android apps. Included for FREE with every purchase. Internet connection required.

Multi-Site Management Surveillance Software

SCW Viewstation for multi-site management

With SCW Viewstation software you can live view and playback multiple locations simultaneously all from one interface.

This can be extremely useful for multi location management like gas stations, hotels, and different retail/franchise applications.

Viewstation Benefits


Cameras on Viewstation are organized into folders like files on a PC. In most applications folders will be associated with the specific NVR or business location. However it multi-site applications it can also be very useful to organize cameras into groups based on the area being observed by specific cameras.

SCW Viewstation Specs

Max total Cameras: Up to 512
Max Devices: Up to 64
Max Live View: Up to 64 simultaneous
Recommended PC Specs: For 25+ Cams,
6th generation or newer quad core i5/i7 with 8GB+ RAM, Windows 10 for best performance

Solution 3: Wireless Backhauls

Our wireless backhauls can integrate multiple buildings on one lot. Our team can design a solution to you that uses long range wireless access points to beam data up to 3 miles.

Wireless Backhaul Location Selection

Solution 4: The Right Camera in the Right Placement

The greater the number of locations the more likely you are to encounter a difficult installation location. It takes the right team to fabricate a solution that overcomes real world constraints, such as an AC duct obstructing the viewing angle or a lack of power in an ideal mounting location.

We save you thousands by designing a solution that overcomes obstacles in a cost effective way.

A few other benefits to having SCW security cameras in your multi-location business:

  • Recording common areas can help reduce and solve HR issues, such as sexual harassment or workplace bullying.
  • Certain industries are more prone to unruly customers. Recordings can allow you to defend your employees without having to be present. You can also get alerted if someone starts shouting with our Audio Detection Video Analytics
  • Employees know you took extra steps to make them safe by recording and responding to what happens in the workplace. With Snapshot, you can get photos emailed to you or FTPed to your central server when any number of events occur.
  • Many insurance companies will offer lower rates for having alarms or video surveillance systems. Even if your insurance company doesn’t offer a discount, you may save money on your workman’s comp and liability insurance, long term, by reducing the likelihood of a false claim.
  • You'll be able to make sure that each team member is fully contributing, and monitor the productivity of individuals without having to directly observe them.
  • Know how to staff appropriately with our People Counting Video Analytics
  • Know when customers or employees go into restricted access areas with our Intrusion Detection Video Analytics