Does SCW have a Smart TV Camera App?

We don't.

A smart TV app probably isn’t going to be anything that we ever focus on… not unless smart tv hardware radically changes.

Here’s why:

We don't have and don't plan on making a smart tv app for five main reasons.

1. The ip camera to smart tv app need is already met and I’m not sure what we could provide that is not already being done by the Tiny Cam Pro, tinyCam Monitor, or the IPcam Viewer Smart TV apps. All of these should work with our cameras, but are not going to be something that we could support directly. We can help pull ip addresses and ports on how to add your cameras to those apps, change settings on the camera feeds so that they support the limitations of the TV, but won’t be able to troubleshoot if something goes wrong in app.

2. A smart tv app is always going to be bad. Look at the IP Camera Viewer Pro app for Roku, for example. This is one of the best designed and most capable smart TV apps there is; it is best-in-class - literally the best there is. It is also terribly limited.

3. The truth is that a smart tv will always be resource starved and limited in how many cameras you can view at once, as it just does not have a strong CPU and does not have a GPU at all. This is why that app can’t use any video compression, and why it won’t let you view more than 4 cameras at once.

4. Those tradeoffs just don’t seem justified when you could plug a NVR into an HDMI input or a Intel NUC or other PC running view station into a TV. Neither of these solutions require disabling your video compression or limiting you to so few cameras displayed at once.

5. Our development has mostly gone into survail vsaas and computer vision platform which is doing something unique and interesting and special, where we can create true innovation.

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