Can You Identify Problems In Real-Time?

For years, the main purpose of surveillance devices has been forensic - you pull video after something bad happens.

Understanding what is happening in real-time, has mostly been limited to those who can afford a full-time security guard.

Until now.

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Introducing Survail: AI for Surveillance

gun detection

Problem: Active Shooters Situations have Replaced Theft as the Number-One Security Concern for Institutions

Solution: Gun Detection in a video in around one-tenth of a second*

Finally, a security system that actually makes you more secure.

Let's work together to save lives.

Survail can warn you if it detects:

Long Guns

If survail detects a threat, it asks you to confirm the detection by looking at an image or watching a video, and then take an action like call the police or alert your team.

After the detection is confirmed, a copy of the footage is sent to the survail cloud. Temporary access to the video clip and live video footage can be shared via text message with first responders, like police or ambulance services.

*system averages 1/10 of a second from video received to video analyzed, when only the gun detection app is running.

Problem: Worthless Alerts

Solution: Whitelist You and Your Family and Stop Getting Notifications about You

Stop getting alerted when the wind blows or when you, yourself are the person in the video.

Survail can detect people or vehicles, and only alert you to when something meaningful is happening. It allows you to teach it which individuals or vehicles belong and to stop sending you alerts when those individuals are detected by the cameras.

Whitelists are designed for homeowners or small businesses to be alerted when unknown individuals are caught on camera. "Unknown Individual" alerts notify you of any unrecognized person or vehicle who enters into camera view.

Whitelisting someone requires training survail who belongs. "Unknown individual detection" alerts can be customized to be sent at any time or only during certain hours, so a small retailer could set "unknown individual" alerts to only occur when they are closed or a homeowner could temporarily turn off "unknown individual" alerts because they are having a party.

white listed individuals

blacklist individual workflow

Problem: Repeat Crime

Solution: Blacklist Problematic Individuals and be Alerted When They Show Up Again

A location that is broken into is 60% more likely to get broken into, again, usually within six weeks.

Survail allows you to use your surveillance footage to learn which people are problems and then send you an alert when those people show up again.

Blacklists are designed for high-volume areas, where the number of whitelisted individuals can not be realistically maintained. They can be used to identify and alert security guards to the presence of problematic people on campus, government facilities, police departments, or anyone else who has repeated run-ins with unsavory characters.

Problem: Privacy Rights in the Age of Facial Detection

Solution: Responsible Use of Facial Recognition Data for Governmental or Regulated Entities

Survail's threat detection models will revolutionize public safety but also has privacy protections built-in. Survail is many things, but as a public safety AI product, it is something that even privacy advocates will love.

Let's stop mass shootings in public spaces without sacrificing privacy.

By default, survail identifies individuals, without sacrificing privacy, because it uses outfits and body signals rather than facial recognition. Only when an individual is confirmed to belong (and whitelisted) or proven to be an issue (and blacklisted) does survail learn their face.

This means that survail makes it easy to respect the privacy of your guests, customers, and visitors, while also being able to easily locate individuals by their clothing and body shape if they become a problem.

The survail FaceBlur app also allows you to blur faces for people not on the whitelist or blacklist for increased privacy, making it compliant with GDPR regulatory requirements or US citywide bans on government use of facial recognition. This app does not prevent the threat detection app from finding guns or other weapons in video feeds.

Lastly, when you use a blacklist or whitelist to create a database of facial recognition data, that data is yours and yours alone. We are not a marketing company. We don't steal, share, or sell your data.

face blur GDPR

Public Safety and Public Privacy in One Platform

public safety and public privacy in one

What is survail?

Survail is a cloud-managed, machine learning-based computer vision identification, classification, inference, and privacy platform.

It is beautiful, intelligent, secure, works in any browser and with any camera or any NVR RTSP feed.

Survail is a cloud subscription product that also includes onsite hardware.

The survail appliance is accessed through industry-standard web browsers over HTTPS-secured connections using advanced TLS/elliptic curve encryption technology. Survail is accessible on the local network as well as through the global internet-using peer-to-peer technology that alleviates the need for insecure port forwarding in your network firewall.

Survail events are easily shared via text message through the survail web-based platform.

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Invite Only

Survail is currently in a closed alpha consisting of several major universities. It will have an invite-only, closed beta that launches in March of 2020.

Survail hardware, firmware, software, and cloud backbone are 100% created in-house by SCW.

Hardware, software, firmware, and cloud infrastructure designed, updated, and assembled in the United States.

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