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A Modern

Hybrid Cloud

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Surveillance Platform

VSAAS VMS + Unlimited Scaling + Open Platform + Cyber Security + No Software to Install + Automatic Updates + Computer Vision AI Analytics + Cloud Storage = Unbeatable Security.

With Survail, the benefits are immediate and measurable.

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Add any number of locations, cameras, and users, without the headaches of traditional systems. Control user access through Cognito, control what each user can do in the application by creating custom roles, and manage shifts with notification groups.

No need to buy all new cameras, if you already have an existing security camera system. We won't squander your investment or lock you into our platform, Survail works out of the box with nearly every camera on the market. One login: zero lock-ins.

With no open ports and full video encryption, Survail is secure by design. Banking level encrypted for videos at rest, while viewed, in transit, and while streamed. No VPNS to setup; no painful IT configurations required.

With Survail there's no software to install or maintain. No permissions needed from IT. No outdated clunky UIs. Just a beautiful interface that works perfectly in the browser you already have.

100% over-the-air cloud firmware updates. Free your IT team from .

A marriage made in the Cloud

Local and Cloud Storage

The best of both worlds

By default, with Survail, any AI detected event that you think is worthy of an alert is backed up into the cloud and stored for 30 days. If you use our share function to distribute a video, this will also automatically back it up into the cloud.

24/7 Footage (including AI events) is always stored on the hard drives inside the survail box.

Cloud Storage

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