Vandalism Detection with the Admiral and Imperial NVRs: Video Loss, Scene Change, and Video Tampering Alerts

There are three different alerts aimed at camera vandalism: video loss, which happens when a the NVR loses communication with the camera, such as if a cable is cut, scene change, which happens when the camera is pointed a new direction, and Video Tampering, which happens when the lens is covered.

Video Loss Alerts

A video loss alarm occurs when the NVR loses video signals from a camera. Video loss is enabled by default. You can also have your system sound an audio alarm (it starts beeping) if video loss occurs. Loss of video can be caused by a camera disconnecting from the NVR from a camera line being cut, the camera losing power, or if the camera is powered via a POE Switch, if that switch loses connection/power/data.

Video Tampering Alerts

Video Tampering Alerts are sent when the camera lens is covered. This includes spray painting the camera lens or covering with a cloth or another object.

Scene Change Alerts

Scene Change Alerts are sent when the camera lens is pointed in a new direction, such as when someone points the camera in a new direction or knocks the camera off the wall without it losing function.

Vandalism Detection is available on these NVRs when combined with SCW Admiral Line Cameras:

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