How Long Can I Run Ethernet Cable for SCW Cameras?

For standard Ethernet, the run limit is 100 meters or about 320 feet.

If you have Admiral line cameras and either an Admiral line NVR or one of our Extended Transmission POE switches, you can extend the length up to 750 feet on a single run.

Note: Not all cameras support extended transmission, please verify on the camera's product page. PTZs do not support extended transmission

Editing the extended transmission setting on the NVR's in-person interface

For Admiral line NVRs, you can enable extended transmission under on the monitor directly plugged into the device:

Camera Management -> Open the Port of the camera -> check extended transmission.

Editing the extended transmission setting on the NVR's web interface

You can also edit this on the web portal.

Setup -> Camera -> Click to highlight the camera you are extending -> Select Modify at the top -> Extended transmission On -> Save.

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