What recording bitrate should I use?

H.264 Bitrates:

720p at 30FPS - 2048Kbps

1080p at 30FPS - 4096Kbps

4MP At 20FPS - 6144Kbps

8MP/4K at 30FPS - 8192Kbps

H.265 Bitrates:

720p at 30FPS - 1024Kbps

1080p at 30FPS - 2048Kbps

4MP At 20FPS - 3072bps

8MP/4K at 30FPS - 4096Kbps

What if I need to save space?

What if I need to In most cases you can safely cut the frame rate in half and then cut the bitrate, such as 1080p at 15FPS would be 2048Kbps. This would essentially double the amount of time held on the hard drive.