Motion Detection with the Admiral and Imperial NVRs

Motion detection can be set to record and/or alert the user when motion occurs in the camera’s view.

A number of people will choose this option for their primary recording preference as it will save hard drive space and allow for more record time.

Motion detection is when there is a change in the image pixels, so anything can set off the motion detection from a person or animal, to a shadow on the ground or insects at night. You are able to set the motion area grid for each camera to remove areas in the camera view that have constant or unwanted motion activity. This is helpful in an area where there is a road or sidewalk that has a lot of traffic. You can also set the object size to the optimal setting for each camera. As well as the duration for how long an object is in the camera’s field of view.

How to Setup Motion Detection

In the Trenches Roundtable Discussion: When to use Motion Detection

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