How Do I Add Networked Cameras to a Vanguard NVR?

We always recommend using the POE ports on the back of a Vanguard NVR because it gives them an added layer of security by hiding the cameras from the internet, it is possible to add networked cameras to your Admiral NVR over your main network.

First, Wire the Cameras and Vanguard NVR According to this Diagram:

adding networked camera to a vanguard nvr, wiring map

Second, Use SADP to give the Executive an IP Address with your Network Range

To add networked cameras to your Executive NVR, first download the SADP tool.

SADP will allow you to see/edit any of the Executive/Vanguard line NVR’s and cameras connected to the same network as that computer. To edit the information for a camera or NVR, check the box to the left of that item and you will be able to modify ip address, port, subnet mask, and gateway in the window to the right.

Third, Log into the Vanguard NVR and Configure Camera Management

From the NVR’s camera management section (Configuration, System Settings, Camera Management), you can add each camera by its IP address. Select the channel that you’d like to edit, then click Modify at the top of the page.

For 4-16 Channel Vanguard NVRs:

First, you’ll need to tell the NVR to stop looking for the camera at the POE port by releasing the port.

So, change the Adding Method to Manual, then input the correct camera info.

For 32 Channel Vanguard NVRs:

*If you are using our 32 Channel Admiral and using ports 17-32, you will want to skip the "release from POE" step, as only ports 1-16 are POE ports for our 32 Channel Vanguard NVR.

Lastly, (Optional And Suggested): Keep Track of Your Network and Camera Info:

It’s a good idea to create a spreadsheet with the information about your network and cameras. Information such as: Camera Port (the camera’s location within the NVR’s camera list) / Camera IPv4 / Camera Name / Camera Location / Serial Number / Username / Password and any other information you may want or need to make future troubleshooting run smooth.

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