How do I setup Viewstation Full Screen Alerts?

A “VCA” Event must be set up first at the NVR. For example: “Line Crossing Detection” can be set up and must be enabled first from the NVR configuration screen, or from the web interface.

Once this has been enabled, open View Station. (You must already have your NVR connected to the View Station program for this feature to work)

Select the “Control Panel” four box icon in the upper left to open your configuration screen.

Select “Alarm Configuration”

When the Alarm Configuration page is open, select the camera for which you have set up your VCA event for (from the column on the left, select the camera by clicking once on it, so it highlights) This will allow you to go to the right pane and select an “alarm type” . Select from the list which type of alarm you are setting up a notification from.

Select “+ ADD” from the window below - and you will get a popup window - confirm the camera you would like to receive the notification from, in the list. You will need to put a check in the box next to the camera. Then click “Ok”

This will populate the event trigger to the window below. From this area you can select what specifically happens in Viewstation when the event is triggered.

Options are: “Recording on/off” - “Live View” (duration for pop up notification and video from camera) - “Go to Preset” (If you are using PTZ cameras in your system you can call a preset position) - “Alarm Output” (This refers to the NVR’s physical wired alarm outputs, which can be triggered when this event occurs)

When the Event you have chosen occurs, you will now get a pop-up notification window with a message and live view of the camera.

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