How Do I Add Networked Cameras to an Executive NVR?

Before you start: Optional But Suggested Advice on How to Keep Track of Your Network and Camera Info:

It’s a good idea to create a spreadsheet with the information about your network and cameras. Information such as: Camera Port (the camera’s location within the NVR’s camera list) / Camera IPv4 / Camera Name / Camera Location / Serial Number / Username / Password and any other information you may want or need to make future troubleshooting run smooth.

First, Wire the Cameras and Executive NVR According to this Diagram:

adding networked camera to an executive nvr, wiring map

Second, Use SADP to give the Executive an IP Address with your Network Range

To add networked cameras to your Executive NVR, first download the SADP tool.

SADP will allow you to see/edit any of the Executive/Vanguard line NVR’s and cameras connected to the same network as that computer. To edit the information for a camera or NVR, check the box to the left of that item and you will be able to modify ip address, port, subnet mask, and gateway in the window to the right.

sadp edit camera ip address

Third, Log into the Executive NVR and Configure Camera Management

Once the NVR has a network address within your network range, log in to the NVR using that IPv4.

Under Configuration, Network, set it’s working mode to Multi Address. This will allow for one port to be used as the network access and the other for the camera network.

NIC 1 (or LAN 1) corresponds to the LAN 1 port on the back of the Exec and is normally where you plug the NVR into your network.

NIC 2 (or LAN 2) is the port your PoE switch should be connected to.

Go to Configuration, System Settings, Camera Management. Select Quick add to add the cameras that have been programmed using SADP. You can also use the Add button to add the cameras one at a time for more control.

camera management vanguard / executive nvr

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