My camera is mounted sideways or upside down. How do I rotate the image so it looks correct?

Usually Better to Just Physically Turn The Camera

When a IP surveillance camera is upside down, the best solution is always physically turning the camera right-side up. Ideally, you will want to physically rotate the camera and rather than use the imaging software to digitally rotate the camera feed. Any time you digitally alert an live video by rotating it, you risk distorting the image.

Also, if you choose a 90 or 180 degree rotation, the aspect ratios will change. Because 1080P-4K video is wider than it is tall, when you rotate it, it will be taller than it is wide and look funny on a screen. Converting a 16x9 aspect ratio into a 9 x 16 ratio image is a lot like printing a image on silly puddy and stretching into a completely different shape.

That being said, you can still do it.

rotation and its effect on aspect ratio

To use our software to rotate the image without adjusting the camera:

Admiral, Imperial, or Corporal Lines, NVR Interface

From the Admiral NVR local interface (Connected Monitor): Menu->Camera->Image->Select your camera->Image Rotation; Normal, 180, 90 Clockwise, 90 Counterclockwise.

admiral / imperial / corporal image rotation, web interface

Admiral, Imperial, or Corporal Lines, Web Interface

You can also change this on the web: Setup->Camera->Image->Image Rotation.

admiral / imperial / corporal image rotation, web interface

Vanguard, Executive, Super or Networker Lines

For the Vanguard series you will need to use a Windows computer that has Internet Explorer. Sign into the camera then navigate to: Configuration-> Image->Video Adjustment->Rotate.

vanguard / executive / super / networker image rotation, web interface