Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Edge keeps asking for a plug-in.

Internet Explorer is the only fully supported browser.

As of a firmware update released on 9/12/2019 for the newer Admiral/Imperial systems, partial support for Chrome, Firefox, and updated Safari browsers has been added. These browsers will allow you to, without a plugin, view one camera at a time in its live-view. These browsers do not yet support any playback.

Safari versions 11 and earlier WILL work for Mac with the plugin, which will need to be downloaded manually from our downloads page.

When you visit your web view with Internet Explorer, the plugin download option will become available. After downloading the plugin, you may need to restart your browser to “Allow” the plugin to run on your NVRs webpage when prompted.

web browser asking for plugin

Recommendation: Use the Dedicated Apps instead of a Web Browser

A web browser is not an ideal environment for displaying multiple videos, as it natively can't use hardware acceleration to decode the video. You are going to get better performance using our dedicated applications.

SCW software is available for PC and Mac and can be used for live view and playback.

SCW View Station for Admiral and Imperial Line

Guarding Vision for Vanguard, Networker, Super, Econ, Ambassador, Econ HD, and Executive Line Software

Open-Beta software to marry all systems, SCW Cirrus CMS