Why won't my camera display on my NVR? Why don't I have a video feed? What does "No Link" Mean?

If you aren't getting a video feed from an ip camera, the first step you need to take is to bench test your camera.

Take the camera down and connect directly to the NVR or PoE switch with a short pre-made Cat5 cable. 90% of the time a camera that disconnects/does not power, indicates a problem with the cable. This will also give you a chance to look at the Ethernet connector for corrosion or any other foreign object that may have interrupted communication.

Step 1: Bench Test

The first thing you need to do is bench test your camera.

Start by taking the camera down and connecting it directly to the NVR/PoE switch with a short pre-made ethernet cable. If the camera powers up and works on that cable, you will know it is an issue with the original cabling. 90% of the time when a camera disconnects or does not power, it indicates a problem with the cable, such as incorrectly crimping the Cat5 Ethernet Cables or snagging the cable on a nail or other sharp object when running the camera cable.

Remove Camera from Mounting Location

remove / uninstall camera

Bench Test

bench test camera

Step 2: Check for Corrosion

If your problem is not resolved with the completion of Step 1: inspect the female Ethernet connector on the camera for corrosion or any other foreign object that may have interrupted communication.

Clean Connection

clean connection: cat5 pins clear

Corroded Connection

corroded connection: cat5 pins rusty

If you do find evidence of a corroded cable, please find your model below and find additional instructions to replace the ends on the pages referenced in your Quick Start Guide.

Admiral and Imperial series Quick Start Guide - Page 10

Vanguard, Executive, Networker, Super and Econ HD Series Quick Start Guide - Page 12

Step 3: Check Cable

If the camera works on the bench test and there is no evidence of corrosion, then you will want to focus on your cable.

Check the RJ45 ends. You may need to crimp the male end again, be sure to use the T568B standard.

Also look for any breaks and cuts that might be on the line.

Step 4: Call Us

If you are still unable to get your cameras to display, please give our Tech Support team a call at (866) 414-2553, option 2.

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