Warden to Wall mount bracket installation guide

Tools needed

Small Phillips head screwdriver and supplied tamper proof torx wrench.

Step 1 Loosen the 3 torx bolts to remove the outer dome

Step 2 Remove 3 torx bolts to remove baseplate

Step 3 Remove the 3 Torx bolts to release backing plate

Step 4 Using the supplied screws from the wall mount bracket secure the backing plate to the wall mount bracket, you will see the number 1 on both the backing plate and the wall mount bracket. Align these points for proper installation. Pull ethernet cable through large hole in backing plate.

Step 5 On the baseplate you will see several rubber grommets, using a small screwdriver or pick pierce the larger grommet marked POE. IMPORTANT: only cut a small hole as to ensure the best seal possible around the cable. Push the ethernet cable through the base plate grommet.

Step 6 You can now reinstall the base plate to the backing plate using the 3 torx screws.

Step 7Terminate the ethernet cable using the 568B wiring order, and connect to the camera

Step 8 Reinstall the camera to the base plate using the 3 torx screws. Be mindful of the rubber gasket between the two parts to ensure the best seal.

Step 9 You can now adjust the direction of the camera's lens and reinstall the dome cover by tightening the 3 torx screws.