How to Install a Hard Drive in a NVR or DVR

If you purchase both a hard drive(s) and recorder from us, we will happily install the hard drive for you. but here's a handy guide if you want to do it yourself.

install it like a pro series

If you're looking to add storage to your NVR or DVR after your initial purchase, replacing a defective DVR or NVR hard drive, or if you've purchased a NVR or DVR without a hard drive, here's a handy video to show you how to install a surveillance hard drive in a NVR/DVR.

Please make sure that the hard drive you are installing in your NVR is surveillance grade. PC grade hard drives (including SSDs) will overheat and void your warranty, when used to record video.

Written Instructions: Installing a NVR/DVR Surveillance Hard Drive

If you can't or don't want to view the video, here's the instructions:

1. Get a phillips head screwdriver, and the four screws and two hard drive cables that come with your NVR/DVR (one of the cables may be inside the case).

2. Remove the case by removing the screws on the side / back of the NVR

3. Connect the Power and SATA cables to the NVR/DVR and hard drive: one provides data and one providers power.

Note: These hard drive side of the SATA cables are "L" shaped, and will only slide into place one way. The SATA cable on the NVR/DVR side are shaped like a trapezoid and will only slide in one way. The power cables have pin and post connectors, but also use trapezoidal shapes that should also slide into place easily. If you're struggling, you probably have them backwards.

4. Screw the hard drive to the NVR/DVR's case / hard drive tray

5. Put the NVR/DVR case back on

6. Our NVR/DVRs will auto-configure the hard drive for you, but some other brands will require you to format the harddrive for use. If your NVR or DVR requires this, this function can usually in a menu with like a heading like "storage' or "hard drives"