Using Liquidtight Plastic Tubing with SCW Security Cameras

1/2 inch Liquidtight Plastic Tubing

install it like a pro series
Liquidtight Plastic Tubing with SCW Security Cameras


Widely available at most hardware stores.

Flexible design allows gradual bends without specialty couplers.

Offers good protection from low level vandalism, weather (rain, hot/cold conditions and UV exposure), wildlife, and accidental damage.

Easier to cut and form than EMT (Electric Metallic Tube) and Flexible Metal Conduit (FMC) conduit.

Cable is able to be pulled through in most cases.

High Cost: 100ft roll costs between $60 - 250


Larger outside diameter than EMT (more unsightly)

Can be easily cut (vandalism).

Will still require adaptors for tight bends.

Less options with couplers and adaptors than EMT.

Difficult to make right angles and straight lines (more unsightly).

Secure Liquidtight Plastic Tubing on wall

When to use Liquidtight Plastic Tubing

Complex bends

Wet/Damp areas

Underground applications

Tools/supplies needed

One or two hole strap fitted to the size of conduit you are using

Fasteners for the surface you are mounting to

PVC cutter

Step by Step Installation Instructions

Measure to length and cut conduit using PVC cutter, overcompensate for any unexpected bends you can cut more off later.

Run cable through conduit

Using the straps and fasteners secure conduit to surface

Using the compression couplers secure conduit to the mounting box

Liquidtight Plastic Tubing connect to a Bullet Camera