Audio Inputs FAQ And Sample Wiring Guide

How do I wire the cameras together?

For analog mics, you twist wires together like speaker wire. You can use a butt-splice or heat wrap to create a more secure connection. See the sample guide below this FAQ.

Will the camera power the microphone?

If the mic needs power, it has to be plugged into an external power source. For example, we use an inline POE-powered mic in the guide below.

Is there an amplifier in the camera?


What sort of input and outputs can I use?

Line-level inputs and outputs.

If I wire a speaker and a mic to the camera, can I make an intercom?

It is best to think of your emergency broadcast communication networks and your daily, operational communication networks as separate.

The intercom that is created with audio inputs and output a security camera system, do make something like an intercom system, but a highly specialized one. You should not use a camera system as a daily intercom system. These are designed for emergency broadcasts. A camera system with a speaker and microphone connected will digitize and record the audio signals, which causes a slight delay; regular intercoms just transmit things in real-time without recording. The mic and speakers input and outputs on a security camera system are designed to send recorded security alerts so that you prove that you sent them. They are not designed to replace an intercom system for workflow purposes. Giving people access to the intercom functions will give them access to some security camera functions.

What laws do I have to follow if I record audio?

Be careful to follow the Federal Wire Tap Act of 1968 when recording audio.

Connecting and wiring external microphone to SCW IP camera, Using the SMEA1 POE IP CAMERA INTERFACE with SM1-P Microphone

Tools needed:

Wire strippers

Small flathead screwdriver

Wire connection crimps or wire nuts.

Optional : Wire Crimpers to crimp wire connectors

Length of 22 gauge 3 conductor cable / Shielded (to reduce interference)

Single RCA to bare wire. (included in the SMEA1 package)

Connection Instructions

Connect a CAT-5 from the NVR (Network Video Recorder) Camera output to the input labeled “EQUIPMENT” on the SMEA1 (Blue wire in image)

Connect a second CAT-5 from the OUTPUT labeled “CAMERA” to the Camera needing the Microphone audio. (Yellow wire in image)

Using the 22 gauge wire, strip the jacket of the cable back 1 inch to expose inner conductors.

Connect the inner conductors of the 22 gauge wire to +12 (12 volts DC), Audio (Audio input from Microphone), and COM (Common or Ground connection)

Connect the other end of the 22 gauge wires to the microphone (Power In, Audio, Ground)

Connect the RCA to Bare wire (Black cable that comes with SMEA1) to the SMEA1

Connect the other end of this RCA to the “Audio in L” or “Audio in R” of your camera harness. You will now need to twist cables together and use wire connectors to attach.

This guide is applicable for these models: Informant 4.0 - 26DF4-A, Radius 12.0 - 26P8, Viking 4.0 - 26BV4, Knight 2.0 - 26BV2-W, Archer 2.0 - 26BV2-L, Sharpshooter 2.0 - 26BV2-XL, Gladiator 8.0 - 26BV8, Lookout 2.0 - 26ZV, Spotlight 2.0 - 26ZV-W and Laser 2.0 - 26ZV-LIR.