Installing a Bullet Cameras on a Soffit - Installation Guide

For residential locations, a soffit is a very popular location to install surveillance cameras. In this guide, we will be installing a Bullet Camera on a soffit.

install it like a pro series

Step 1:

Pry soffit from facia.

pry soffit from facia

Step 2:

soffit removed drill through woof, if present

With the soffit removed, you usually can see into your attic space. In this instance, we discovered a wood board was there, so we had to drill a hole through it for the cable to pass through.

Step 3:

Apply the drill template to soffit.

apply drill template

Step 4:

drill cable hole

Drill the holes in the soffit for the camera cable and the mounting screws.

Step 5:

Attach the mounting box or camera to the soffit with toggle bolts. You may have to hold the anchors in place while tightening the bolts

attach box with toggle bolts tighten toggle bolts from the inside

Step 6:

place the weatherproof connector on the cable before crimping tighten the weatherproof connector

Place the weatherproof connector on the cable before crimping and then crimp the cable. Tighten the weatherproof connector by screwing it together.

Step 7:

Separate the twisted pairs to prepare to crimp your cat 5 cable, as explained in our Making Cat5 / Cat6 cable guide.

drill cable hole

Step 8:

connect the cables

Connect the safety harness and screw together the weatherproof connector. Screw the camera to the mounting box.

Finished Installation:

That's it. You've just installed a bullet camera on a soffit.

bullet camera on a soffit, side bullet camera on a soffit, front

This guide is applicable for these models: Warrior 2.0 - 26BF2, Warrior 4.0- 26BF4, Warrior 8.0 - 26BF8, Viking 4.0 - 26BV4, Knight 2.0 - 26BV2-W, Gladiator 8.0 - 26BV8, Archer 2.0 - 26BV2-L, Sharpshooter 2.0 - 26BV2-XL, Wasp Pro 2.0 - 43220, Wasp Pro 3.0 - 43230, Wasp Pro 4.0 - 43240, Hornet Pro 3.0 - 44230, Hornet Pro 4.0 - 44240, Ranger IntelliPro Camera 3.0 - 44430, Spotter IntelliPro Camera 3.0 - 44330, Sabre 4K IntelliPro - IB08V2812MI, Tomcat 12MP IntelliPro - IB12V2812MI, Hawk 532, Eagle 541 and Sparrow 531. .

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