Sheetrock (most interior walls) Security Camera Installation Guide

install it like a pro series

Step 1:

Using the adhesive template supplied with your camera or mounting box apply template to the mounting surface.

template sticker

Step 2:

drill pilot holes

Using a drill and a 5/64 drill bit; drill pilot holes in each location marked on the mounting template.

Step 3:

If you are running the cable through the wall, drill a hole large enough for the ethernet cable, a 1/2in to 1in drill bit should be sufficient. The location of the hole is marked on the center of the mounting template.

template sticker

Step 4:

attaching marshall base

Using the supplied anchors and screws attach the camera or camera bracket to the wall. Use hand tools to prevent from stripping the mounting points.

Step 5:

Run ethernet cable through the mounting box, install the weatherproof connector, and terminate the end.

terminate the RJ45 end

Step 6:

attaching waterproof connector

Connect cameras RJ45 lead to cable and connect weatherproof coupler.

In the example, we have installed a Wasp Pro Electrical Mounting Box, and connected the camera.

Optional Step 7:

Attach camera to the mounting box using supplied fasteners, if you used a mounting box.