Using Electric Metal Tubing (EMT) with SCW Security Cameras

1/2 inch EMT conduit

install it like a pro series
Electric Metal Tubing (EMT) with SCW Security Cameras


Widely available at most hardware stores.

Offers the best protection from vandalism or accidental damage.

Professional and attractive

Lines are straight


Requires specialty tools to install such as pipe bender, metal saw, deburring tool.

Rigid design won’t allow tight bends.

Will require additional hardware such as inline couplers, 90 degree elbows, various adaptors.

Anything other than straight cable runs will require you to run additional slack in the cable after each section, the cable will not “pull” through.

Electric Metal Tubing (EMT) with junction boxes and right angle turns

When to use Electrical Metal Tubing (EMT)

Exterior/Interior applications where mounting to the surface of a wall is necessary and the risk of the cable being damaged is high

When the most secure level of cable protection is necessary

When vandalism is a serious concern

Tools/supplies needed

Drill driver

Electricians conduit scoring tool or sawzaw

Proper fasteners based on the surface you will be mounting to

Pipe bender

Philips screwdriver

One or two hole strap brackets

Conduit fitting and reaming tool

Step by Step Installation Instructions

Determine length of cable run. Typically EMT comes in 5’ or 10’ lengths.

Run cable(s) through first piece of conduit

Using the straps and fasteners secure conduit to surface. Next you will need to run your cable through a coupler in order to connect your next piece of conduit. Note: attaching coupler to the emt prior to running the cable will save you the extra step.

When encountering obstructions or corners you may need to make a bend or attach a 90 degree coupler. You may also need to make cuts. Note: when pulling cable through a 90 degree bend or junction box, pull excess cable as it is difficult to pull through and might compromise your Cable. Wire Lubricant is available to assist in pulling cable through conduit, be careful not to snag or tear the protective shielding when pulling cable through metal conduit.

When either separating or conjoining cable runs, you will need to use a junction box. They are sold in various shapes and sizes. When connecting to either a junction box or wall mount you will need to use a threaded connection coupler.

EMT cabling junction box EMT junction box EMT running down EMT running across