Looking for an easier way to work with RG59 CCTV video cable? Many people are afraid of fabricating cable when it comes to CCTV systems. No doubt you should be a little nervous. We encourage all of our customers, potential customers, and readers to check out our videos and tutorials on how to properly terminate RG59 cable, CAT5, and many other cable ends. But there are a new set of cables we have to our warehouse. We have loaded up several different lengths and colors of terminated CCTV RG59 cable. We have lengths that range from 25 - 150 feet. You can choose white or black cable. The greatest thing is that the ends are terminated for video and power. On both sides of the cable, you have the right ends to make the necessary connections. From the camera's end, you have the right adapter to plug into the camera and on the other end of the camera, you can use the original power supply that came with the security camera.

If you have more than one surveillance camera you can use a Belkin power strip from your local Wal-mart, Radio Shack, or other electronics store and plug all your adapters in. Using this cable setup for all your security cameras, then this will be a plug and play install. We recommend simple applications use this setup. There are some factors that would prevent some CCTV applications from using this type of cable. If your CCTV cable runs are over 200 feet you will have to look at unterminated RG59. If you have potential video interference from UV lights or electrical components, you will need a more shielded cable. Those are the only two major concerns that would filter out particular CCTV applications from using this terminated bundled CCTV video cable. If you are looking for options in cabling take a look at our CCTV accessories, we have many devices, adapters, and parts to help make your CCTV install head-ache free!